I’ve taken to sipping my latest favorite, chai coffee, ‘in’ the magic garden.
It used to be an ordinary garden. With an innate love of flowers, I’ve enjoyed a modest flower garden for the past few years. Morning glories and zinnias mostly, an occasional showing of other varieties happen too.

With an expanded household this year, it seemed natural to expand that extension of love, into the garden. We got busy this Spring, nearly tripling it’s size. The ‘new’ portion used to be covered in grass. The ‘old’ section, only ever saw flower seeds/seedlings.

After planting 36 ranunculus bulbs, only to watch them sprout and promptly be devoured by bunnies, we’d taken to letting the ‘weeds’ grow. With much empty space, they offered their own beauty (that our poor, dead ranunculus would never offer).

Imagine our surprise, when out of the weeds sprouted two watermelon plants! I mean, what the heck? The watermelon seedlings we’d attempted, 60 feet away in our ‘edible’ garden, had crashed and burned. Had some magic birds, moved our dormant seeds?

With a few, plump melons growing, we’ve taken to calling it the garden of eden. And the magic garden. We’re less concerned now with the magic that brought them, than with when we’ll enjoy their harvest! I must admit though, to sipping coffee with them
and whispering prolific, fertile thoughts in their ‘ears’.

Carry on, Sprouts!