In the midst of an uber-busy time, I was gifted with a lovely dream sliver this morning.  I was approached by two clients who were questioning where I was from…No, they said, not ‘Minnesota, by way of California, originating in Seattle.  Your roots, where are they?’  Me, “England and Lithuania.”  Them, Hm…we didn’t know there were many psychics from those areas….but there must be as your lineage is obviously deep!”

At the end of an abundantly full week, I am honored with this sweet sliver that compliments me and gets me pondering lineage.  How often do we remember how deeply we’re connected?  Through possibly hundreds of generations within our human family and thousands in our Spirit lineage….our Ancestors are endless.  Our ancestral aspects, even more so.  Phew!  Humbling, isn’t it?  It serves as a bit of a dream-rubber band for me, snapping me back from the edge of Me.  My life.  Self.  Snaps me back to the We. The Fam.  The Tribe.  Gives new meaning to the Web.

Happy days, Weavers!