How do you make your mark?  My overt version, in this season of gratitude, has been to share sweet potato biscuits, made with love, by Moi, in the shape of a heart. The cynics may be rolling their eyes and mumbling, trite, under their breath.  Really though, sweet mark-makers, aren’t we all, ready to eat love, at every opportunity? {Amen}

I spent the long weekend in the Observer mode, as much as possible.  You know, that place where you detach a bit from your feelings and really watch yourself.  Soak in what it means to be in company with You.  Sure, some of it was being in fresh company, on a holiday.  Walking maybe just a touch, differently.  More of it was observing the feedback that others offer, to who I am. Seeing how they respond to me, my boys, and the words that float between us.  Sometimes, when we find ourselves with old friends and family, we notice that we are treated as if we are the person that we were 5 years ago.  15 years ago.  40 years ago.  Our old, stale signature is who they are talking to.  Think about it, who wants to open up when you are received as a stale biscuit would be?  I found myself surfing the Angela signature, right along with those I was with.  The fresh, heart-shaped one.  Refreshing, it was!

How often do we contemplate our energy signature?  That sense of us that is ethereal.  The scent of us that hits people in all of their senses.  Energy signatures can raise the heckles of peoples’ sensibilities.  They can hug you with their sweetness or sting your eyes, if you let them.  Next time you are combing a room, check out how people are making their mark.  It can go a long way in informing how we express our signatures.  If left to choose the implement and the ink, how would you sign your John Hancock?

Dream on, Biscuits!