Darkness & Light.  Naughty & Nice.  Old & New.  We’re fairly enmeshed in dualism, at this time of year.  I’ve been diving deep into some divine dualities, as of late.  Work is working its way to my surface on the concepts of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine, in us all.

I spend some time each day, wondering how we lose touch with ourselves.  I often come back to this concept of the Divine in us…if we were to court each of our Masculine & Feminine aspects, then welcome their integration in and through us, would we be less inclined to fall away from Ourselves?

I’m not sure what this splinter will look like, when it emerges. I was wildly amused though, when this image appeared in my FB feed yesterday (thank you, Ram Das):


This got really personal for me, quickly, as I digested what and whom, i was looking at.  You see, these four, depict my Spirit walk, of the past 15 or so years.  1999 I was baptized Christian.  2006 I took Tibetan Buddhist Vows.  In 2008 I began formally working with Ganesh, the Hindu deity associated with obstacles…both the placing of and removal of..And in 2012 I have found my way to Anubis and his Egyptian consorts, in my healing modalities. Here, before me, are four images of the Divine Masculine.  What of this, Universe?

It seems some more hibernation in my gray matter is in order.  I’m trusting that the sense that is to be made of it, the message for me to ‘get’ is still percolating.  Some new form of balance and integration will make themselves known, in right time. Work themselves to the surface.  I’ll dream on it all, for now.

Divine dreams, all around please!


You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…~JL