I crossed paths with Terri Pippin 9 years ago.  What began as a practitioner/client relationship has evolved into teacher/student and a colleague relationship.  Terri’s work and deep insights have facilitated many, “ah-ha” moments for me.  Thanks be to The Medicine Woman!


What is one of your earliest experiences, of a brush with Spirit?

Set aside the knowledge as a young child that my beliefs were different from others in my family.  About 7 years before I took my massage class, I had gone to Charlotte, NC to visit a friend.  We were in a holistic bookstore and laying on top of a case was a crystal wand.  I picked it up and my hand and arm vibrated for almost 2 days.  I held it no more than 15 seconds before putting it down because of the vibration I was receiving.  I had taken a crystal meditation class 3 years earlier and had not made any connection with crystals.  As I got into my healing field I realized that spirit had touched me quite strongly that day.

Your story moves from body work, into Shamanism and now expands into Energy Healing.  Can you tell us how Spirit has influenced this path for you?

Actually my story moves from body work, into energy healing and then Shamanism.  I took my first Reiki class the second year I was in the Massage field.  I had attended some seminars for energy healing, and found it quite interesting.  I had actually developed my Chakra Balance Technique before my Shamanism class.  I wanted to find an advanced level of energy healing course and began searching for it.  When I would go online and search different sites, Shamanism would keep coming up.  To be honest, I went to the book store and got a book on it to see what it was.  It held my interest and I found a class.  My first day in class I felt so ‘at home’ that I got right on the path of the Shaman and haven’t gotten off since.  The interesting thing was, once I started my Shaman walk my energy work, my intuitive work, the holistic healing side of me and my connection to Spirit, healers and guides took off and became very strong. My hands starting channeling healing like that day in North Carolina in the bookstore with the Crystal Wand.  Spirit influenced my path by forcing me to look into something that I would have never thought of doing.  Spirit still does.


Would you be willing to share with us, both a greatest joy from your Spirit work and a frustration/challenge?

The greatest joy was seeing the change in my son and close friends as I personally changed while doing this Spirit work.  When you walk onto the path of the healer the first person to get healed is you.  Spirit makes sure you stay humble while this is happening, many obstacles and lessons were (and still are) thrown your way; it is not easy and it takes courage but it must be done if Spirit will allow you to heal.  Most Frustrating challenge – that’s easy, Me.  It took awhile for me to let go and let Spirit guide me where I was meant to go and do what I was meant to do.  I have always had the ability to get clients but each time I would see success the economy or some outside influence would seem to defeat me. About 10 years ago I got tired of that dance and decided to leave the Holistic field and go back to Corporate America.  No one would hire me!!!  In frustration and desperation I journeyed to have a serious talk with my healers, guides, power animal and any other influence that wanted to show up.  I was ready to set them all straight.  I was one pissed off Shaman.  I was informed in a very direct yet very kind way, that I had chosen my direction but it was now time to step aside and let Spirit take over.  I was told to just ask for what was needed and then to trust that it is coming my way.  Stop trying to direct everything.  As they were leaving me, I was also told to ‘lighten up’ and stop making things so hard.  Not everything is a challenge.  I was very shocked because I had really thought when I threatened to leave they would give me some kind of magic word or increase the healing in my hands.  Instead they told me to more or less get over myself.  Because I was desperate I took their advice.  Immediately, my business/work changed.  It didn’t matter how the economy was going, I continued and still do continue, to grow and flourish.  I accepted my lessons that they threw my way because they did make me stronger.  To this day when someone calls or comes in to book an appointment, to attend a class or even to ask a question I immediately thank Spirit.  The words are always verbal and the feeling is always thru the heart.   I guess they did give me a magic word that day and it was ‘trust’.

What words of wisdom would you share, with someone just stepping into Spirit work?

Stick with it, develop early on the connection you have with Spirit.  Let Spirit guide you.  Know that any obstacles you have to go through are for a lesson and additional strength.  Don’t quit.  If you have a desire to do healing you also have the abilities to do healing.  Find your teachers (and they will be many) and learn.  Each and  every time you learn something, do something or create something always thank Spirit – from the heart.

What will you offer the world, in 2013?

This is the year of teaching.  Spirit has given me the opportunity to grow, learn and develop some good healing techniques.  I have used them for 15 years.  This year I will be teaching Shamanic Core Classes as well as The Theory and Technique of Chakra Balancing.  I will also have Workshops and Shamanic Healing Circles for people to learn how to do self healing on themselves.  This year I step into the world of the Teacher.  My guides, healers, Spirit Animals and the Creator have taught me well.  It is now time to share my knowledge.  For this I feel very honored.  



Terri Pippin, founder of The Medicine Woman, started her spiritual journey of healing twenty-five years ago when she was first introduced to meditation.  She has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 1996.  Her journey has included the development of Reiki skills, culminating in the achievements of the Master Reiki Level in 2007 and the development of several energy healing techniques.  The Medicine Woman is trained in both Celtic and Native American Shamanism and has been a shamanic healer since 1998.  Terri can be found at:  http://www.terripippinthemedicinewoman.com