Some of you know that I’m a spiritual entrepreneur and have experienced many, energetic happenings in my life and bodies (physical, mental, astral, etc). 

This experience that occurred an hour prior to the summer solstice (in the northern hemisphere), tops my list of most powerful-to-date-that-I-remember.

Throughout the day on June 20, 2017, I had been experiencing a throbbing of energy. A pulsing more than an intensity or a quickening. I’d been honored to receive a Deeksha blessing from a colleague in the morning. I made my way through my day which included working with clients and living my life. Moving onto the end of the day– I found myself in the company of two of my students in a weekly development circle. 

The circle was powerful. A Mayan sun god, heralding the solstice –joined us and shone his powerful light upon us all. A student witnessed a new guide for me, a Phoenix. Along with that she experienced some of my physical pain from my left hip — rendered oddly functioning when I was hit by a car at age 7 and had been thrown out of body.  

After circle I was relaxing and enjoying the energies that we’d experienced together. I began to feel a large, intense light come on again/into me. I felt that the energy was trying to pick me up and I was nearly levitating. 

I began to see shadow type images. Musing on how intense the day had felt, I knew that this was nothing bad, not manic, nor dark — but an intense pulsing — and now I felt it more and began to see many shadow type images. 

Let me be clear — it was negative and low-vibed energy and it felt like a clearing for me, as opposed to any sort of negativity entering me. I was also shown a burning away, as in a purification type process. I began to see images of death and destruction as they were leaving my body and my fields. This experience is not foreign to me — feeling experiences exit my body through my joints is something I’ve felt for a few years. I did find the darkness of the images fascinating and extended my continuous gratitude to source/universe/god for this experience.

Next I began to feel warmth in my left hip region while simultaneously — on my mind’s eye, watching guides begin to do psychic surgery on me. I was told that they were healing me. I then had pulls at the origins of ida and pingala in my body. 

Ida and pingala are the dualistic energy channels that weave up and around the chakras. 

I simultaneously saw energy begin to snake up along my channels/nadis and around my chakras. I also saw caduceuses everywhere. The caduceus is an ancient symbol co-opted by modern medicine — think of the staff with the snakes weaving up it and the wings on top. The weaving snake parts correlate to the channels/nadis that carry energy up and around our seven, main chakras or energy centers.

I then felt and saw a light ball as the dualistic energy moved upwards. Around my third chakra, with this energy surging slowly upward through me, emotions stirred. In my fourth chakra – Anahata (a spiritual name that I use in certain circles for the past decade) or my heart center — I experienced full-on sobbing and the first block that had to be breathed through. 

I’d been doing closed mouth, yogic breathing, or pranayama, during this. At this small wall in my heart chakra, I had to breathe through to pull the energy up to my throat chakra. 

I help people who have gone through this experience and I know that fear or halting of the process can lead to challenges. In the interest of having a full experience, I continued to pull the energies up and through each of the chakras or energy centers. 

I experienced minor blocks in my ffifth and sixth chakras. For the most part the energy had momentum and was not difficult to move. 

My body heaved and writhed while this energy pushed through. Where it exited my scalp, through my crown chakra, was mildly off from where I’d imagined it to be. A mild fascination — where exactly my crown chakra sits — it is truly, right above where the pituitary gland sits in my brain.

The buzz in my mid back afterwards, well, it was still there an hour later when the solstice occurred.  The overal feelings of elation and lightness of being, were amazing.  As well as a continued feeling of things unneeded, being burned away gently.

I’ve been focused on personal work since my return from Delhi last month. I dove into a healing process that is clearly still working itself through me. This kundalini experience led to continued dreams of processing out, old experiences from this lifetime. 

I’d like to say that I surfed kundalini energy. Truth is, it surfed me.


There are countless numbers of resources on kundalini, its awakening, its independence from and interdependence with – religion. My intention here is/was to share, experientially for whomever it may benefit. 

With Love Always,

Angela xo