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Cord Cutting


Every contact we have with someone, particularly when it is emotionally charged, and very strongly so if it is sexually charged – forges a cording of energy between two people. These can become very strongly entrenched in our energy bodies and subsequently, our physical bodies. Periodically cutting cords — especially when we feel we are thinking of the person too frequently, mentally looping incessantly whether at our own urging or the other person’s, distracted or tired (energetic cords can and will drain us), experiencing emotions or thoughts that feel mildly foreign to us, or generally stuck or held back in life – is a healthy, regular spiritual practice to employ.

It is an energetic fact that cords are created between people in relationship. This includes nuclear families, friends that we are close to, co-workers and lovers. Having empathy for someone without discharging the other person’s energy, can create cording to us.

Healers must be extra careful and vigilant because cording can occur with clients if you aren’t aware.

It’s less about cutting the cords than letting go of the proverbial tug-of-war rope. Releasing. Laying it down. So if the instructions for severing of these cords feels harsh to you – consider the laying down, releasing any taught-ness to these cords as might occur if you laid down a rope that you’d been pulling on.


Instructions for cord cutting:
• Get into a calm, clear space as if you are going to meditate.
• Reduce distractions for the next 10 minutes
• Close your eyes (this helps you get into the alpha brain wave state more quickly where your subconscious gets to be affected in positive ways by this exercise)
• Breathe easily and rhythmically, slowing down your heart rate
• Call in Archangel Michael (he wields and mighty sword that is very effective in this process, see graphic above)
• Ask him to cut all cords of connection with either anyone draining your energy or a specific person.
• Breathe and relax while in your mind’s eye you watch him cut the cords.
• Pay attention to how your body feels and what area of your body feels affected by this – where you may feel tension, a release, relaxation, warmth, coolness, sharp pain, etc.
• When the process feels complete, then ask for healing and loving white light to be brought in to fill any cauterized cords or spaces left open by this process of cord cutting. If you saw cords being pulled out by their roots allow the white light to fill all of these spaces.
• Finally, see/feel your entire being begin to fill with white light and watch it extend beyond the lines of your physical body out into your aura.
• Mentally express gratitude and thanks and feel free to move about your day.



I’ve been going through a breakup this month….a breakup with a 20 year old habit. As I break up with the one – replete with the on-again and off-again qualities that we’ve all experienced around breaking up with people, I’m examining other old habits as well.

It really doesn’t matter what the habit is – it can be self-judgment, a particular view of or relationship with food/alcohol/caffeine, procrastination – it does not matter what form the habit takes. It isn’t necessarily a ‘negative’ or ‘unhealthy’ habit either – this is about examination of and opening up to ways that may serve our souls more deeply and allow us to serve the world more expansively.

What I’m loving about this process is the level of examination that is taking place. None of it goes as deeply as you may imagine – which is the beauty of this.

I arrived at this place, out of the blue really, but certainly while listening to my intuition. I noticed when I went to engage with this habit, somewhere around the end of January, my desire/motivation/attitude towards this behavior felt different to me. I’m a big ‘feeler’, you see, being a strong Empath (go here for more information on being an Empath

What I began to do then, was to treat these shifted feelings as new friends and turn them over like fall leaves deserving much attention for their vibrancy and color. Simply observe them and then move on to new feelings that came with those and do the same.

I stayed out of analysis and judgment of me, my habit, my relationship to my habit – I merely observed it all as if I was getting to know a new person whom I knew nothing about.

As I really listened and watched, I learned that the absence of this habit – or the prospect of its absence, allowed for some beautiful spaces in my life and being to allow other things to take root. To allow other emotions, other high-vibrational states of being and feeling good, room for other intuitive messages to pop through.

I read recently that if we aren’t losing friends then we aren’t growing. I would re-frame it to say that if we aren’t changing our relationships to friends, habits, the world then we aren’t growing. We aren’t meant to stay in stagnant relationship to anything or anyone – we are meant to grow and change and evolve as spirits in human bodies.

You might examine a breakup with an old way for yourself. Get quiet, tune into your intuition and see what comes up in your life as wanting attention. It may be that some of your ways are up for transformation vs. an ending. Check it out. Enjoy the process!


As a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, I get this question in many forms, often.   I start with this explanation:

I refer to spirits, the psychic realms, energy, deceased people, spirit guides, etc. as all from the unseen realms. I described this/these unseen realms as ‘Spirit’. God, Universe, Higher Self, Collective Unconscious, Subconscious can all be subbed in for this phrase, ‘Spirit’ as well. You see, I do drop them all into one category, mostly to avoid esoteric discussion and philosophizing during a client’s session since I am on the clock, more to the point that titles and labels mean a bit less to me in the process as the information that wants to come through.

I am a channel, a vessel, a conduit for information and healing energies from Spirit. While I formally trained and practiced before opening my practice, this isn’t so much ‘what I do’ as ‘what I facilitate’ from Spirit.

We all have access to the sensitivities, information, healing. It’s a matter of fine-tuning our perceptions, confidence and knowing. For some this process is simpler than for others. A certainty is that we all have to bring a huge dose of humility and a commitment to our own healing, if we are to step into healing and helping others by bringing through Spirit.

Sometimes clients will ask me, “How do you know you are speaking to Aunt Sue/my Spirit Guide/your Guide/God?” Great question and sometimes I’m given information for the client to hear and work to identify with, in terms of who is delivering the info through me – often, more often than not, I’m not given much identifying info and am required to work on faith in where and from whom/from which energy the information is coming from.

Lastly, so many people ask what are some ways to develop their own intuitive listening and knowing skills – meditation is key! Quieting the mind so that we may clear some static and deeply listen, is a crucial step. For more info meditation check out this blog post:

Lotus Branding


It was a series of intuitive flashes that brought this belly tattoo to life. A desire to baptize-as-beautiful some bodily damage rendered during child bearing; a passion for honoring my creative center mixed with some celebration of the deep call to service through energetic healing–all of these left me facing a consult with a tattoo artist to run through options of how to make manifest all of this – on my belly.

Some irony here is that I’ve never wanted a tattoo. I’d not connected with any imagery that I could picture being branded upon my body for the rest of my life.

Artist: “I won’t touch or tattoo over these areas of your abdomen for these reasons. Typically this is how a tattoo over a much-less affected area would go…and your areas are profoundly affected. “ Me, to Artist, “Is there a way to make something work? What can you do?” Then I got to witness Artist’s energy start to bubble and ping….”Well, I can incorporate the scarring as negative space for some Japanese finger waves, like this…” he takes me to examples of images… “Then a lotus could emerge from it, something like this..”

Me, “Sold. How much can I put down today as a deposit?” I left ten minutes later with a future, 5-hour appointment booked.

Between this and my scheduled appointment, I did ask a few people about their tattoo stories and experiences. If they relayed to me how much pain may be involved, I didn’t hear it. I heard things like, “it feels like a series of bee stings and gets more annoying over time more than anything…”

Appointment day arrived and I posted for my appointment. After a brief review of the artwork and some prepping of my belly, we got started. First needles down, my response is, “Um, that hurts. It feels like an exacto knife going into my skin. Forgo any test areas – just keep rolling through.”

I called a mental/spiritual meeting with all of my Guides/Guidance system. I asked my body to release DMT, and any all chemicals/neurotransmitters and energies to reduce pain, reduce blood pressure and increase my tolerance for this experience. I asked for the healers that I channel to flow as much through me and to me as possible for this experience.

My Guides showed me that each needle down from Artist, infused my body with healing energy. I was being tortured artistically (of my own choosing) by a Healer. Ok, I agreed, this is good. But why so much pain? They began to stand around us fascinated. My Guides asked me if it felt like a cactus being rolled over my belly? Or a sander being applied to my skin? I could feel Guides and Angels stroking my hair and supporting me energetically, the whole time. Artist and I talked for the first hour or so. We discovered commonalities in our passions for education, community contacts and walking through the world in alternative ways. I reached a point of needing to ‘focus’ on pain reduction in ways other than conversation.

I found myself, as a frequent out-of-body traveler, unable to leave my body. Me to Artist, “I can leave my body quite easily. I’ve been doing it since age 7 that I can remember. I’m trying to do so and the pain of each needling commands me into my body. This call to Presence is unique and fascinating.” And off I went into my zone again for awhile.

I practiced Tonglen meditation for awhile. It’s a Tibetan Buddhist practice of breathing in pain, transmuting it and expelling less pain, essentially. It was less than effective in this case.

I turned to mantra, mentally. This did help and it took my perspective to a level of attention, that while still in the pain was also above the pain. I have no trouble existing at multiple levels of consciousness simultaneously, so this approach worked a bit. I was surfing the mantra of something around love, beauty, peace, no pain, etc. This started to get me to a borderline comfortable space (not much about this 5 hour foray could be described as comfortable), until of course, I began to feel like I was going into shock. I had begun to feel that I was leaving my body and also felt my hands, arms and feet chattering with cold. I was heady and feeling like I was loosing it or slipping into some version of shock. So dramatic sounding, I know! Me to Me, mentally, “We are not pulling this Drama here. I’m sure Artist knows CPR but I’ll be damned if this process is going to be interrupted by something like that. He probably won’t be able to finish this tattoo today if he has to do CPR on me.” Me to Artist, “OK. So I’m feeling really cold. Can you please turn up the temperature in here? “ Long pause while he looks at me and contemplates, “Ok.” Gloves come off, he disappears and reappears a few minutes later. My body warms and I stay out of that shock zone.

I begin to realize, that we are only about halfway through (2 hours in) by now. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to make it through this. I ask for a break again and he looks at me funny – I tell him I really only want my headphones to try and listen to an audio book. Getting them and getting re-started, with narration in my ears, seems to work for a minute. I become acutely aware of the brightness of the lights and find a way to cover my eyes and begin with some yogic breathing/pranayama. I tried nadi shodhan breathing but to no avail. It involved just too much attention. I settled in with ujjayi breathing, a very natural state for me. Ujjayi breathing is best known by the loud, nasal type hissing that accompanies it – this sound is also called ajapa mantra. Ajapa mantra, also known as the ‘unspoken mantra’ serves three purposes, all of which felt critical to this process. It helps to slow the breath down, in order to focus awareness on the breath and to prevent your mind from wandering and finally to regulate the smooth flow of breath. I’d had a chat with Artist on whether breathing interfered with my directions to ‘stay still’ during the body art process. He said he can work with typical, diaphragmatic breathing. Well I knew I was going all deep and loud and filling my belly with this one. It was the ticket though, he’d had to deal in my mind. We never discussed it – I just got loud and rhythmic and he rolled right along with it. Whether my belly was distended or deflated with air, he did his thing. I initially tried for a deep, belly-filling breath before needles down – but realized that either direction worked to reduce the pain and settle into a flow with him.

Inspired by Maya Angelou, I recently swore off of cursing.   In reality it has been reduced while not completely eliminated. During this body art process I uttered only one curse word. I’m pretty proud of that fact. More so, I’m feeling pretty victorious and courageous. I’ve been told I now have ‘street cred’ for undergoing a 4+ hour tattoo on my belly as a first-piece-of-body-art. Not going for street cred, but for healing and personal expansion, I suppose street cred has its place in those processes.

Matt Stankis at Northside Tattoo in Wilmington, DE is the consummate, body Artiste professional. He’d come highly recommended to me and my experience will perpetuate this high level recommendation.

Having been on steroids during one of my pregnancies, they wreaked havoc on my belly skin. Matt doesn’t tend to do scar work and has a particular approach for stretch marks. My case was something I don’t know that he’d seen before and I give him huge kudos for swiftly coming up with a way to artistically honor this process and part of my body for me.

All of my spiritual healing and guidance have served me well – I had very little redness from the get go and a swift healing process. Nine days out I am still peeling a bit and will post photos in the future. In the meantime, know that the verbal feedback is a whole slew of impressed beings with Matt Stankis’ artistry.

Angela Bixby is a professional psychic, medium and energy healer in Wilmington, Delaware. Her passion is teaching and coaching people through their own lotus openings as they grow their intuition.

Learn more about her here:



Many are asking me, how I distinguish between an Empath, a Healer, an Indigo and a Seer – lenses that we are picking up and looking through in a new program called Spiritual Spy Glass, which launched earlier in the month. The program has a rolling enrollment – meaning you can jump on at the beginning of each month. You can find more information on the program here: . This post is the second in a series of four on the nuances of these sensitivities, these qualities at an intuitive level.

The Healer is an extension of the Empath . Many Empaths are Healers, not all Healers are Empaths. We feel and intuit others’ emotions through our gut – our second or sacral chakra. The Healer works a bit higher up, through their fourth chakra or heart chakra. All healing is the transmission of love. Our hands are governed by our heart chakra. Through the ages all religions have stories of hands on healing and the miracle of laying-on-of-hands, Jesus Christ being one of the most famous and infamous of healers. Many debates go on around his healing abilities – whether it was genetic, vs. channeling the Holy Spirit, vs. channeling Usui Reiki.

The Healer archetype has been around at least as long as Man has been. Currently we see this archetype in caring and nurturing professions–Physicians, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Dentists, Counselors, etc. It seems that Reiki can be found fairly pervasively now too and hundreds of alternative energy healing modalities abound. Healers are found in all walks of life really. You may feel the healing nature of your lawyer, of a stranger who you sit next to on the subway or that from a toll taker on the turnpike. There are no ‘professional’ limits to the Healer.

As Healers we naturally and intentionally channel divine, healing energy. Healing someone from an ungrounded state, essentially pulling and giving of our own life-force energy or chi – is a big no-no. This is a fast way to illness and exhaustion. It’s important to realize and then act from a place of being a conduit, channel, vessel, or as Shamans would say act as an empty bone, to flow this energy through you to others.

One of the tricky parts – so many people walk around having no idea or a mild idea that they are a Healer and so may feel physically compromised, drained or tired as a result.

Indicators of the Healer archetype (if you have any of these you too may be a Healer):

  • If you are an Empath or check here:
  • You are near someone in distress or ill and you feel your hands or other parts of your body tingle
  • You feel peoples’ emotions in your heart both positively and negatively
  • People tell you they feel better being around and with you
  • You have a sense, thought, feeling that someone needs you and you reach out and find it to be true
  • You are asked for advice, often
  • You have been told that you have a sensitive system
  • You know you have a sensitive system based on how you react to food, drugs, chemicals, substances, etc.
  • You feel anxious
  • You naturally know what will make yourself and others feel better and it likely involves some form of grounding
  • You seem to hear the calls of those in need and feel them in your body
  • You have an interest in all things alternative, paranormal, supernatural
  • You seek medical attention for headaches, heart palpitations or other medical maladies which turn out to be un-diagnosable

If you know you are a healer and/or suspect that you are, begin to pay attention to your body and particularly your hands when you are in a caring or nurturing type situation. If you have or are experiencing anxiety or a strong desire to express – to run or move, to paint, to write, to sing, etc. – please do move and/or express. This is one of the best ways to clear what is a build of up healing energy inside of you.

We’re channels for this energy and if we’re unaware it can clog up our subtle energy body. Therefore expression, exercise, rest, time in nature, water and healthy foods along with salt baths can relieve some of this. Allowing healing and empathic energies to clog up our subtle energy bodies is akin to dirty oil in your engine or atherosclerosis in your body – keeping these channels clear will benefit our health.

As long as you are approaching the expression of this energy from a grounded place (go here for more information on grounding: feel free to place your hands over your loved ones, pets or the earth and apply some healing to their/the situation! It really is this simple. Get grounded, set an intention that you are a vehicle for healing, check your ego at the door and apply your loving hands.

As a Healer you are becoming aware of these sensitivities for a reason. The world needs as many nurturing, healing people as it can get!

This will get you started in identifying and discerning whether you are a Healer and how to work with your sensitivities.   For more information sign up and tune in for this upcoming, free webinar entitled: The Heart of the Healer, 5/1/14 at 7pm EDT By opting into this email list — you’ll receive the free webinar log-in information and information about the upcoming webinars to be held in support of the Indigo and the Seer.

During the The Heart of the Healer I’ll cover more in-depth what it means to be a Healer, how to ground and flow healing energy and I’ll address healing through intention, prayer and meditation from a distance.

Disclaimer:   I am neither a medical professional nor a licensed mental health counselor. If you are experiencing problems with your emotions or unexplained physical discomfort please consult a medical, mental health or holistic practitioner attuned to Intuition and energy psychology. Diagnosis by written content on the internet is inadvisable and ill-advised.

Types of Soul Connections

I’m re-posting this informative post on Soul Connections.  My attempt is not to be dogmatic but to offer exposure to perspectives that may resonate as your truths.

Enjoy the read!

Types of Soul Connections.

Appreciation vs. Expectation

In talking with a colleague recently about people and holidays, she offered such a great, one-line piece of advice:  approach everyone with appreciation vs. expectation.

This statement has proved profound and profoundly simple for me throughout this holiday season.  I challenge you all to try this as you gather and bump into so many people, their energies and their expectations.  Try out the process of loosening and removing your expectations of people and gatherings and instead step into an appreciative frame of mind.  Appreciate the time shared, the nourishment that others offer, the beauty of the person and personality that you are graced with in each moment.  If you are feeling stretched to find something to appreciate—appreciate your lungs for breathing in fresh air, your heart for pumping blood and health through your body to allow you to be present.  Dig for appreciation on as many levels as you may find it and try it on, while leaving expectations outside.

Think through the expectation process.  We decide that people or a situation should serve us, in some way.  Whether it be a promise of fun or that the people we commune with ought to treat us in a certain way.  Having expectations is one way to disempower ourselves.  When we lay expectations on people and situations – we are attempting to dictate an outcome or control a situation.  We are giving someone else’s choices in how they behave or respond to us, power.  We take the power to create our own happiness or appreciation away from ourselves in these moments of expectation and put it in the hands of another.

When we encounter friends and family that we haven’t seen for awhile, we aren’t always sure what we’ll find.  I’ve learn to be amused with how much I’ve changed, as I look into these people that mirror me, back to myself when we gather after time apart.  Appreciating my growth over expecting of them to meet some need in me…well it works. I challenge you to empower yourselves by moving into appreciation and out of expectation.

I wish you and yours peace, health and love this holiday season!  I’ll love to hear how this appreciation shift may work for you!  Please offer comments on how it serves you throughout this season.

Grounding as a Daily Practice


So often we move through our days without much consideration given to the importance of grounding.  We need to be grounded to work more synergistically in much the same ways an electrical circuit does.  Positive, negative and grounding are elements of a cohesive circuit. Grounding as a daily practice will facilitate vibrant living!

Being a grounded human means moving, deciding and living from our core.  One aspect of this is that sensation of making decisions from our higher self, that deeper place.  Another is the feeling that we have our ‘feet on the ground’.  The embodiment will feel that we are in firm service to our selves, our loved ones and the world.  Life moves around us and through us so rapidly at times that breathing deeply and grounding can elude us as an important aspect to vibrant living.

When you have that sensation of fogginess, confusion, too many options flying through your mind or at you – employing grounding techniques will help!  These are especially useful for teenagers as hormonal shifts add a whole other layer of factors that may leave us feeling ungrounded (yes both us and them).

There are many methods for grounding and your choice will be a personal one.  You may find that one technique works well at some times and a different one may be employed at other times.

Some ideas for grounding that can be done individually:

*literally put both feet on the ground and/or imagine them as flat on the ground if that isn’t possible.    Imagine energy from the earth’s core coming up through your feet and moving up through your body

*visualize your feet as tree roots that are growing down into the ground

*plant your feet whether standing or sitting and take three, deep breaths.  Be mindful of breathing as far down into your belly as possible.

*visualize a cord going from the base of your spine down into the ground and all stresses and worries being sent down it – much like communications across fiber-optic lines

             *visualize yourself as a pot of water and connect your feet or the base of your spine to the ground and unplug your pot               thus releasing all of this water into the ground


*walk in nature


            *stretch and see how many sensations you can observe in your body

            *drink water and feel it move throughout your body

            *any act of mindfulness that brings attention into your body and feet works!

Pausing and taking a few moments to shift your attention to a grounding technique that serves you will energize you for your next set of tasks.  We require this attention to our own, energetic ‘service’ to run and enjoy our lives to the fullest!

Energetic Discernment


*This piece is inspired by an article I recently read on energetic vampires along with some personal situations that bring this topic front-of-mind.


Recalling the adage, “Actions speak louder than words”, I’m offering a twist on this and positing that energy speaks louder than words or actions. At least louder in a sense of energy carrying even more weight to read and/or listen to in our personal interactions.  Energy can have more of an effect on us because it can be less obvious to us, therefore something we may take less responsibility for.


Take for example a feeling of tiredness after leaving the mall.  Or the feeling of being blue after having stood near someone while waiting for your latte to be made.  We may not take the time to discern that these are energetic drains and something that we can take responsibility for.  This, over the long haul can have ill effects on us emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically. 


All things are comprised of energy in action/motion. Quantum physics & metaphysics spreads this term/apply this term to everything – thoughts are energy, human bodies are energy, emotions are energy, trees are energy etc., all with varying rates of vibration.  This rate at which we vibrate is our vibrational rate and/or our energy signature.


Whether you’ve paid attention to date to ‘energy’ or not – you experience it through your emotions as well as via physical sensations.  Joy, exuberance, love, ecstasy, peace, contentment, fulfillment, open-hearted and physically relaxed and expansive states are all positive energy states.  Constriction, anger, tension, sadness are all less positive or more negative states on the spectrum of how we as humans experience energy.  If you’ve ever walked into a room after someone has had an argument, been in a busy store or intersection where chaos prevails, or felt that beautiful level of heart connection with another, you’ve experienced the energy of places, people and situations.


There is talk and are posts and teaching on ‘energy vampires’ – those negative people, places, habits and situations that seem to either suck positive energy from us or imbue us with an imbalance of negative energy.  If you’ve ever left someone’s company with a headache, felt tired after leaving a location or group of people, felt restless and anxious with either a certain person or situation in mind – you’ve fallen prey to an ‘energy vampire’.


An important component of Energy Discernment is first a level of awareness of our energy.  Take some time to sort out who and what are positive and negative energy sources in your life.  realization/recognition, close cousins of awareness in this context, are a next level of this – once we are in that situation that we’re aware of we pay attention to what goes on energetically within us and around us.


The final important phase in Energy Discernment will be action.  This involves a level of personal accountability and responsibility to our own energy and those around us.  In fact, as we move through awareness and realization/recognition – we may have determined that we are the negative forces in some relationships and situations!  So action can mean cleaning up how we are as we approach people, situations and places. 


Our energy body is the first place that ill health shows up.  If not attended to, it moves into our physical body.  A high level of personal responsibility for our energy and energy body will keep us, those around us, and our communities more healthy. 

I consider energy more potent than words or actions for these reasons.  As we are putting energy discernment into action, paying attention to our words and actions become a natural part of this energy discernment honing process.


Let’s use an example common to all of our lives.  When you ask someone, “How are you?” they often and often automatically respond with, “Fine.” Or “I’m good.”  The language they’ve chosen has a certain meaning.  If you look a bit further, at say their body language to equate ‘action’ behind the word here – they may be prone on the bed, slumped in their chair, or even tearful.  Their body language or ‘action’ behind the word seems to speak more accurately to how they are.  Let’s look further at the energy that you detect from this situation.  Does it feel ‘fine’?  When they respond with, “I’m good.” do you feel something differently – a knot in your stomach, a heaviness in your chest, a light-headedness that belies what they are saying?  Are you sensing anxiety vs. calm?  Do you feel a static in the air that doesn’t correlate to what they are saying?  These latter sensations, how you feel and what you sense in response to what they are saying are your awareness and realization/recognition of energy discernment.  Action then in this example, can take a few forms.  You can work on relaxing any tense feelings in your body.  You can ask a more probing question to try to help this person and yourself relieve any negatives energy, or you can say no more and move along – removing yourself from the situation.


How we take action can feel tricky.  When we encounter someone who is lying to us – saying and acting physically in line with what they are saying but the energy feels mildly misaligned, or it may feel grossly dissonant – these can leave us wondering how to take action. I had a close friend who when they spoke of a particular part of their life it was all ‘positive excitement and smiles’.  Sometimes it was angry words with smiles.  Always there was an energy that was angry whether the words were positive or negative.  There came a point when it didn’t seem that they had an awareness of the amount of negative energy that they were generating nor the deeper sense of anger that it reflected in their energy and physical bodies.  I chose to take action in this energy discernment process by communicating from a compassionate place, my care for the person and for me.  I asked them to raise their awareness around their own actions and to no longer share this with me.  In turn, I took responsibility for my own energy and shielded and discarded the negative more frequently.  What I didn’t realize (yes, even as a professional Psychic), was that they were lying to themselves.  The person was denying how deeply they were creating this angry environment on all levels. 


It was not received well and ultimately my action involved leaving the friendship.  While this may seem extreme it became an imperative when I recognized how poorly I felt in it and how much better I felt out of it.  I also realized in retrospect where I hadn’t taken action in the past in less drastic ways, where now I will when faced with this type of scenario.


I also learned that the action I took was a boundary breach – an impediment of that person’s spiritual journey.  We are all here to work out our own issues in this lifetime.  How we become aware, recognize and act around them are individual decisions.  I realize that anytime I choose to speak more deeply about someone’s journey, whether from a compassionate place or not—it’s an infraction and disrespectful.  Our best approach is to keep our own energy accounted for and move along when we encounter dissonance with and within another.  This goes both ways so when you encounter someone breaching your boundaries, pull your energy inward and move along as you see fit. 


Ways that we can take action when we recognize negative energy affecting us:


·      Breathe deeply to relax our physical body

·      Ask ourselves whether what we are feeling is necessary, ours and asked for it to be released

·      Imagine an egg shaped cloud (our aura) around us filling with pink light of love

·      Do anything physical to raise our vibration—dance, rub our hands together, clap, sing, walk, move…

·      Blow energetic kisses to the person how is down/low/negative

·      Imagine energetic hugs going to them (if not in their presence)

·      Hug or high five the lower energy-ed person

·      Leave the room, conversation, exchange, place, etc.

·      Change the conversation

·      Shift our thinking


You are the best and only judge of your energy and its role in your journey. I hope you’ll choose to incorporate energy discernment into your journey!