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Some of you know that I’m a spiritual entrepreneur and have experienced many, energetic happenings in my life and bodies (physical, mental, astral, etc). 

This experience that occurred an hour prior to the summer solstice (in the northern hemisphere), tops my list of most powerful-to-date-that-I-remember.

Throughout the day on June 20, 2017, I had been experiencing a throbbing of energy. A pulsing more than an intensity or a quickening. I’d been honored to receive a Deeksha blessing from a colleague in the morning. I made my way through my day which included working with clients and living my life. Moving onto the end of the day– I found myself in the company of two of my students in a weekly development circle. 

The circle was powerful. A Mayan sun god, heralding the solstice –joined us and shone his powerful light upon us all. A student witnessed a new guide for me, a Phoenix. Along with that she experienced some of my physical pain from my left hip — rendered oddly functioning when I was hit by a car at age 7 and had been thrown out of body.  

After circle I was relaxing and enjoying the energies that we’d experienced together. I began to feel a large, intense light come on again/into me. I felt that the energy was trying to pick me up and I was nearly levitating. 

I began to see shadow type images. Musing on how intense the day had felt, I knew that this was nothing bad, not manic, nor dark — but an intense pulsing — and now I felt it more and began to see many shadow type images. 

Let me be clear — it was negative and low-vibed energy and it felt like a clearing for me, as opposed to any sort of negativity entering me. I was also shown a burning away, as in a purification type process. I began to see images of death and destruction as they were leaving my body and my fields. This experience is not foreign to me — feeling experiences exit my body through my joints is something I’ve felt for a few years. I did find the darkness of the images fascinating and extended my continuous gratitude to source/universe/god for this experience.

Next I began to feel warmth in my left hip region while simultaneously — on my mind’s eye, watching guides begin to do psychic surgery on me. I was told that they were healing me. I then had pulls at the origins of ida and pingala in my body. 

Ida and pingala are the dualistic energy channels that weave up and around the chakras. 

I simultaneously saw energy begin to snake up along my channels/nadis and around my chakras. I also saw caduceuses everywhere. The caduceus is an ancient symbol co-opted by modern medicine — think of the staff with the snakes weaving up it and the wings on top. The weaving snake parts correlate to the channels/nadis that carry energy up and around our seven, main chakras or energy centers.

I then felt and saw a light ball as the dualistic energy moved upwards. Around my third chakra, with this energy surging slowly upward through me, emotions stirred. In my fourth chakra – Anahata (a spiritual name that I use in certain circles for the past decade) or my heart center — I experienced full-on sobbing and the first block that had to be breathed through. 

I’d been doing closed mouth, yogic breathing, or pranayama, during this. At this small wall in my heart chakra, I had to breathe through to pull the energy up to my throat chakra. 

I help people who have gone through this experience and I know that fear or halting of the process can lead to challenges. In the interest of having a full experience, I continued to pull the energies up and through each of the chakras or energy centers. 

I experienced minor blocks in my ffifth and sixth chakras. For the most part the energy had momentum and was not difficult to move. 

My body heaved and writhed while this energy pushed through. Where it exited my scalp, through my crown chakra, was mildly off from where I’d imagined it to be. A mild fascination — where exactly my crown chakra sits — it is truly, right above where the pituitary gland sits in my brain.

The buzz in my mid back afterwards, well, it was still there an hour later when the solstice occurred.  The overal feelings of elation and lightness of being, were amazing.  As well as a continued feeling of things unneeded, being burned away gently.

I’ve been focused on personal work since my return from Delhi last month. I dove into a healing process that is clearly still working itself through me. This kundalini experience led to continued dreams of processing out, old experiences from this lifetime. 

I’d like to say that I surfed kundalini energy. Truth is, it surfed me.


There are countless numbers of resources on kundalini, its awakening, its independence from and interdependence with – religion. My intention here is/was to share, experientially for whomever it may benefit. 

With Love Always,

Angela xo


Judith Kusel

We are riding the wave of expansive cosmic rebirthing – the rebirth of Mother Earth.

Rebirth follows the dying; the dissolving of the old and therefore the re-birth comes in the wake of what has been before, but now in a rejuvenated, shape and form.  It is revitalized, reactivated.

It cannot be what has come before – that is now redundant.

It has to be that resurrection into a higher Light-embodied form and therefore moves into a much higher vibrational frequency band.

As the earth is being reborn – so are we.

So many people resist the rebirthing process, by refusing to let go of the old: the old thinking, feeling, hanging onto old hurts, pains, grudges, and whatever else.  The more one tends to hang onto all the emotional baggage, as long one is held prisoner in the 3D world.  For one now become a prisoner to one’s own…

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I have the honor and privilege of attracting clients going through a tough process. They come to me, trying to sort out what is going on and why they feel crazy at times – yet psychotherapy and pharmacological solutions aren’t touching the symptoms that they are feeling.

Kind of a heavy term, I realize. It’s a real phenomenon that affects many and is not to be taken lightly. I help people with the psychic opening/spiritual & energetic components of what they are experiencing. Our culture has not been kind in supporting individuals having these experiences.  We have a rigid, allopathic model in western medicine.  Outside of that, our adolescent culture at times lacks the depth found in tribal cultures, mystical appreciation and religious experiences.  I strive to shed light on the client’s pain in a way that will serve and fuel their personal transformation.

The clients that have come to me in this state may be experiencing one and likely many of the following:

  • Sleep disturbances/sleep cycle changes needing more, or less or being kept awake by bodily and psychic sensations
  • Diet changes – certain foods are now intolerable or cravings crop up for a few days or a few weeks
  • Feeling energies more strongly – sensing spirits, feeling more exhausted by groups of people or negativity
  • Neurological sensations – stronger nerve sensations in their body, body parts feeling heavier or lighter than normal, tingling and prickly sensations
  • Sensations of separateness from one or both sides of their body, feeling like they are two people trying to work as one body
  • Vision changes to include seeing flashes of light in their peripheral vision and seeing shadows and colors more acutely
  • Sensitivities to hearing/auditory input, hearing voices, peoples’ thoughts, etc.
  • Stronger emotions that are often other peoples’
  • Decreased desire for activities that used to excite the person

This list is a beginning. You may be experiencing other things that fall under the umbrella of this phenomenon of Spiritual Psychosis. I’ve helped clients who are feeling paralyzing anxiety that is no longer being affected by medications – by helping them realize that the anxiety that they are feeling is not theirs but their mate’s.

Many of us learn at a young age, for all kinds of reasons – mine was that I was literally hit by a car – how to leave our body. Energetic disassociation – it looks similar to psychological disassociation– though it can be less noticeable to most people. When people who leave their body easily, begin to experience a spiritual awakening, being in their body can become very uncomfortable. As you can see, referenced by some of the symptoms above.

We are spirit in a human body. Our body is our best divining rod, truly. I encourage and work with clients to develop a new relationship with their body and their freshly found spiritual and psychic experiences. Spiritual Psychosis is a time of transformation and awakening; working with psychic empowerment professionals, like myself, will be key to your navigation of this process. The biggest message that I like to help people with – is that they are not alone and that this process is not as foreign as it may feel!

For other perspectives, definitions and detail, check these out:!emergence-or-psychosis/cdkl

Lastly, I am neither a medical professional nor a clinician.  I hold a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Certificate in Holistic Psychology.  I base my knowledge upon the experiences of my life and of running and growing a successful spiritual practice, in Wilmington, Delaware.  I work closely when warranted, with medical professionals and mental health professionals — to support the client going through spiritual psychosis, responsibly and ethically.  Contact me with any questions:



Living Intuitively


How might I live, more intuitively?

I’m often asked this question from clients, in all of its forms.

When we live more intuitively, we allow ourselves to be more grounded and to make decisions from a stronger foundation.  Our intuition can be so helpful in stressful times when we feel that we are ‘threading the needle’!

So when you are wanting to remember to connect to your intuition and to live more intuitively, here are 10 ways to do so:

1) Breathe. Deeply. Firing up our intuition starts with feeling more relaxed. Take a few deep breaths and you’ll be ready to receive!
2) Ground yourself. Put your feet on the floor, or better yet on the ground outside. Imagine that you are connecting to the Earth’s core and sharing its energy.
3) Pop into the passenger’s seat, metaphorically speaking. Imagine yourself as riding shot-gun and sitting back while watching what appears through the windshield…the windshield on your mind’s eye, with your eyes closed that is. Be the observer.
4) Play with your world! Ask your world for a sign in response to a question that you pose, “should we go out for seafood this weekend?” As you move through the day, watch for signs. Maybe you notice fish everywhere. Maybe you sense a drying up of signs pointing to seafood. Have fun with this! Noticing signs, symbols and synchronicities in our outer world put us more in tune with our inner world too.
5) Journal. Much of what fills our minds and our emotions simply wants expression. Once we write down some of what fills us up, we clear the way for that calm, receptive listening mode that our intuition operates from.
6) Meditate. As few as 5 minutes a day, of mind-clearing meditation, is one of the quickest routes to your intuition and your psychic side.
7) Unplug. Our culture is one of distraction. Unplug for a few minutes and realize what your intuition may sound like! Maybe it speaks to you with a foreign accent? Maybe it sings to you! Or chants…
8) Intend it. Simply setting an intention each morning, that you’re going to align with your intuition will set you on its course! I like to say, “Intentionality is everything!”
9) Trust you. Intuition is your inner guru. Your higher self. Trust that the intuitive hits that you have been getting are indeed, your intuition!
10) Dream. Pay attention to your dreams! They are your intuition speaking to you, while your guard is down. Record them and enjoy them.

**PSST! When your intuition knows you are paying attention it will communicate more loudly and frequently!

Beautiful statement on living in flow…

Endless Light and Love

surfs up

In Taoism the Tao ‘Wu Wei’ is often compared to a river. When we talk about going with the flow, we are describing the Tao as having a definitive direction, just like a river flowing in a certain way. Since we live in the Tao, it is important to understand its direction, just as those who swim in a river must understand how its currents work and how this effects their ability to swim, or not.

Moving in flow with the Tao is like swimming downstream. It requires little or no effort at all and you can travel a large distance in a very short time without expending all your energy. Moving against the Tao is like swimming upstream. No matter how hard you try and how hard you swim against the flow of the river, you will struggle to get anywhere and very soon you become exhausted and will…

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Walking My Walk


I’m rooted in walking my walk.

When people come to me for a reading, healing or for mentoring through their own intuitive processes, I call them on their stuff. It’s part of how Spirit chooses to move through me. My deal with my Guidance/Guides is that I share what I get and it is always for peoples’ ‘highest good’. This is an early intention that has stuck – it helps me to channel as opposed to filtering messages for people. I’m told I make it sound simple and easy – it isn’t always so.

One of the things that keeps it less simple or easy is that as a spiritual practitioner, as a spiritual teacher and leader in the community, I’m required to do my work and walk my walk. A huge pet peeve of mine – is when people preach and don’t practice. When spiritual practitioners dole out teachings and advice without a commitment to their own growth and awareness.

I see all of us spiritual practitioners as being in a leadership position and in teaching roles. People seek out our services for their own, life guidance. IMHO, we then, must model that – we must do our own internal work and grow our self-awareness as a way of life.

Challenges of this process:

  • I require myself to be incredibly real. Even if it is ugly. But it also means I get to teach people how to be human too.
  • Honesty is a way of life. And this can lead to shifts in relationships when they aren’t authentic ones.
  • I’m not always in the mood to lead or talk and this is where it can get ugly, real and honest.
  • Daily practices can feel like thorns on some less-than-rosy days.
  • Open-hearted living can beget heartbreak more frequently.
  • Remembering that my ego can be impatient and bitchy.

Joys of walking my walk:

  • I get to teach people what Being and being human can look like.
  • I get to feel other peoples’ emotions in ways that serve them, profoundly.
  • I get to ‘norm’ intuition for others to get cozy with theirs.
  • I get to witness awareness expansion and consciousness-raising in those around me in ways that reverberate across time and space.
  • I get to be humble, every single day.
  • I’m at peace with my ego most of the time.
  • I understand peoples’ wounds, having experienced woundings.
  • I live and breathe joy!

 Being a spiritual practitioner is not for the faint of heart. If it were more would do it. It’s a critical role for our planet’s history though– some say we’re on the verge of bankrupting our environment and others say we’ve maimed our economy. What better time to grow more aware and step up to lead, than in times of strong need? As world events, personal struggles, calls to serve rise up in us all – why not get real and be real for others? We are all ‘spiritual leaders’ and have the capacity to be teachers for others. Why not start walking your walk?


Love, P.S.





I had the privilege of hearing Maya Angelou speak in 1993 at Bill Clinton’s Presidential Inauguration.  She is Love and Strength, incarnate.  RIP and enjoy your angel dance, dear One.



Every time I begin to write on love I cry. Who wouldn’t? The mere thought of love engulfing my heart and soul crack me wide open.

I told a colleague recently that I loved them. I tell clients often, that I love them. Isn’t the world a better place, for acknowledgement of LOVE without all of the perceived constraints? Why is it that so many, lay burdens on love….Expectations. Associated weights — with an expression of pure Joy. Pure Being. In Harmony with all that Is.

Love for me is the same as channeling the Divine. When I feel my heart and soul swell, I know I am in alignment with and channeling Divine Being.

Why then, won’t more people express and experience love?


We are the peace keepers

The fire burners

The soul stirrers.

Why not more?

More expression more often, more frequently, more vehemently.

I dare you.


At the center of everything is an energy, an immaterial material I’ll identify as love. -The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, as channeled and told by Annie Kagan

Buddha was not a Buddhist. Jesus was not a Christian.  Muhammad was not a Muslim.  They were teachers who taught Love.  Love was their religion.  -Unknown

Love is not something you are in it is something that you are. -David Icke


Many are asking me, how I distinguish between an Empath, a Healer, an Indigo and a Seer – lenses that we are picking up and looking through in a new program called Spiritual Spy Glass, which launched earlier in the month. The program has a rolling enrollment – meaning you can jump on at the beginning of each month. You can find more information on the program here: . This post is the second in a series of four on the nuances of these sensitivities, these qualities at an intuitive level.

The Healer is an extension of the Empath . Many Empaths are Healers, not all Healers are Empaths. We feel and intuit others’ emotions through our gut – our second or sacral chakra. The Healer works a bit higher up, through their fourth chakra or heart chakra. All healing is the transmission of love. Our hands are governed by our heart chakra. Through the ages all religions have stories of hands on healing and the miracle of laying-on-of-hands, Jesus Christ being one of the most famous and infamous of healers. Many debates go on around his healing abilities – whether it was genetic, vs. channeling the Holy Spirit, vs. channeling Usui Reiki.

The Healer archetype has been around at least as long as Man has been. Currently we see this archetype in caring and nurturing professions–Physicians, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Dentists, Counselors, etc. It seems that Reiki can be found fairly pervasively now too and hundreds of alternative energy healing modalities abound. Healers are found in all walks of life really. You may feel the healing nature of your lawyer, of a stranger who you sit next to on the subway or that from a toll taker on the turnpike. There are no ‘professional’ limits to the Healer.

As Healers we naturally and intentionally channel divine, healing energy. Healing someone from an ungrounded state, essentially pulling and giving of our own life-force energy or chi – is a big no-no. This is a fast way to illness and exhaustion. It’s important to realize and then act from a place of being a conduit, channel, vessel, or as Shamans would say act as an empty bone, to flow this energy through you to others.

One of the tricky parts – so many people walk around having no idea or a mild idea that they are a Healer and so may feel physically compromised, drained or tired as a result.

Indicators of the Healer archetype (if you have any of these you too may be a Healer):

  • If you are an Empath or check here:
  • You are near someone in distress or ill and you feel your hands or other parts of your body tingle
  • You feel peoples’ emotions in your heart both positively and negatively
  • People tell you they feel better being around and with you
  • You have a sense, thought, feeling that someone needs you and you reach out and find it to be true
  • You are asked for advice, often
  • You have been told that you have a sensitive system
  • You know you have a sensitive system based on how you react to food, drugs, chemicals, substances, etc.
  • You feel anxious
  • You naturally know what will make yourself and others feel better and it likely involves some form of grounding
  • You seem to hear the calls of those in need and feel them in your body
  • You have an interest in all things alternative, paranormal, supernatural
  • You seek medical attention for headaches, heart palpitations or other medical maladies which turn out to be un-diagnosable

If you know you are a healer and/or suspect that you are, begin to pay attention to your body and particularly your hands when you are in a caring or nurturing type situation. If you have or are experiencing anxiety or a strong desire to express – to run or move, to paint, to write, to sing, etc. – please do move and/or express. This is one of the best ways to clear what is a build of up healing energy inside of you.

We’re channels for this energy and if we’re unaware it can clog up our subtle energy body. Therefore expression, exercise, rest, time in nature, water and healthy foods along with salt baths can relieve some of this. Allowing healing and empathic energies to clog up our subtle energy bodies is akin to dirty oil in your engine or atherosclerosis in your body – keeping these channels clear will benefit our health.

As long as you are approaching the expression of this energy from a grounded place (go here for more information on grounding: feel free to place your hands over your loved ones, pets or the earth and apply some healing to their/the situation! It really is this simple. Get grounded, set an intention that you are a vehicle for healing, check your ego at the door and apply your loving hands.

As a Healer you are becoming aware of these sensitivities for a reason. The world needs as many nurturing, healing people as it can get!

This will get you started in identifying and discerning whether you are a Healer and how to work with your sensitivities.   For more information sign up and tune in for this upcoming, free webinar entitled: The Heart of the Healer, 5/1/14 at 7pm EDT By opting into this email list — you’ll receive the free webinar log-in information and information about the upcoming webinars to be held in support of the Indigo and the Seer.

During the The Heart of the Healer I’ll cover more in-depth what it means to be a Healer, how to ground and flow healing energy and I’ll address healing through intention, prayer and meditation from a distance.

Disclaimer:   I am neither a medical professional nor a licensed mental health counselor. If you are experiencing problems with your emotions or unexplained physical discomfort please consult a medical, mental health or holistic practitioner attuned to Intuition and energy psychology. Diagnosis by written content on the internet is inadvisable and ill-advised.


Many are asking me, how I distinguish between an Empath, a Healer, an Indigo and a Seer – lenses that we are getting ready to pick up and look through in a new program called Spiritual Spy Glass, launching next week. This post is the first of a series of four on the nuances of these sensitivities, these qualities at an intuitive level.

What’s the difference between being empathic on behalf of someone and being psychically empathic? The difference is one of consciously feeling what someone is going through and less consciously feeling what someone is going through. When we demonstrate empathy, say, for a friend going through a challenging time, we move ourselves into their shoes as best we can. We consciously ‘feel’ what it must feel like to be going through their situation. We empathize with how it must feel to get news of a sick relative, lose a job, etc. Here is a great article on how to cultivate more empathy of the non-intuitive type:

When we are experiencing life as an Empath, it is far more pervasive and ill-defined. The vast majority of people who are Empaths are walking around unknowingly. My hope is that this post will shed some much needed light on how it is that we feel things from others and more importantly, what we can do to lessen its ill-effects on our being and health.

I’ll refer to intuitive/psychic empathy as Empathy, from here on out. Empathy is genetic, rooted in our DNA and in our brains. It if often heightened by out-of-body (OOB) and near-death-experiences (NDEs) and it was in my case at the age of 7 when I was hit by a car. Empathy can be augmented and shut down with traumatic events whether objectively traumatic (sexual abuse, torture, etc.) or perceptively traumatic. Many people, particularly Empaths, may witness or experience something that feels very traumatic to them but not to others. A classic example: The old adage that children should be seen and not heard and children hearing and feeling this from elders.

Empathy is the spongiest of the intuitive skills as Empaths seem to absorb everyone’s feelings. There are varying degrees of this. Some people may experience it pervasively and others maybe only with certain people. Empaths vary in degrees by their levels of self-awareness and empowerment. If you experience any of the following situations/scenarios – you are empathic–you are an Empath. The beauty of this sensitivity – consider yourself as having a more complete communication package!  The benefits to becoming empowered through your Empathy is that you’ll feel more balanced in how you relate to people and with how you walk through your life.  I’ll follow up these scenarios with some critical coping skills.

  • You become tired or fatigued after being in public places – especially malls, concerts, sporting events.
  • You sense someone’s emotions, contrary to what they are expressing. This can cause great self-doubt, especially in children. Example: a teacher appears to like your child and treat him fairly. He feels the judgment and disdain from the teacher and ‘knows’ otherwise.
  • People gravitate towards opening up to you. Strangers may tell you their secrets on the subway!
  • People tell you they feel better when they are in your presence. You’ve been called nurturing, compassionate, caring, a great listener, etc.
  • You either prefer solitary time and/or identify with feeling better when you can get some time alone to recharge.
  • Violent or loud music, harsh voices, gory and violent tv and movies bother you – you avoid them.
  • You sense energies in places and with things – you may be either drawn to old objects for their energies or avoid them for the same reason, preferring new objects with no emotions attached to them.
  • You turn to food, drugs & alcohol as a way of dulling/numbing out all that you feel and sense from your over-stimulating world.
  • You experience swift mood shifts and/or have been called moody. You may have the awareness that these feelings don’t ‘feel’ like they are yours.
  • You have experienced physical symptoms of another – their stomach ache, headache, etc – empathetic/sympathetic pains.

Not only is this intuitive skill of Empathy the spongiest, it can be the weightiest and most responsibility-laden of them all. It means a lifelong process of coping and self-care. It means owning your emotions and discerning those of others – essentially a deep call to self awareness.

Suggested Coping Skills:

  • Build an awareness of your emotions. If you’ve historically bottled things up you may be harming yourself with this approach. Find a therapist who aligns with Energy Psychology concepts. (recently recognized by the APA as a credible sub-category of practice, 2012)
  • Talk things out with a therapist, counselor, confidante or trusted friend and/or find a group of like-feeling/like minded people who are interested in discussing what life is like as an Empath.
  • Give yourself breathing room. Deep breathing is a fast way to clear your head and revitalize.
  • Stop and get grounded. For grounding suggestions go here:
  • Cultivate mindfulness in your approach to life. Bring simplicity and full presence to all that you do.
  • Meditate!
  • Get out into nature, nature soothes. Remind yourself of nature’s simple beauty, our connectedness to one another and just how good it feels to put your feet on the ground or in that stream.
  • Bathe in Epsom salts or shower with the intention of releasing all that you may be feeling that is not yours and not serving You.
  • Check in with your aware self – Is what I’m feeling mine or tied to a situation in my life? If not – send it back to where it came from with love and awareness. This simple thought process can save you much grief and pain!  When we are going through personally painful situations, others’ emotions can exacerbate and exaggerate ours.  Be gentle with yourself.

One of the most important takeaways from this is that being an Empath can be complex. You may be so accustomed to feeling other peoples’ emotions that your own may feel foreign or confusing. As an Empath, it may feel much easier to sense the emotions of others and mistake them as our own. This is why becoming aware, working with a counselor skilled in intuition, taking deep responsibility for your own well-being are critical.

I’ll offer you one metaphysical coping skill too: Many times you may be advised to employ a ‘white light of protection and shielding’. This is great advice! It’s as simple as imagining yourself in an egg-shaped bubble of white, healing and protecting light. Or placing that in your mind’s eye or with positive intention around your home, your car, your family. As an Empath, we are naturally connected to the hearts of others. This is not a weakness and we can learn responsibly how to sense others’ feelings without completely shielding from it. This is why I would suggest either a pink light or a lavender light as a sensing filter. Pink light is one of love and lavender light for me is one of higher knowing. If you employ either the intention and or the visuals of these lights, as filters vs. shields, you may feel more balanced and able to stay in the love end of the fear-love spectrum vs. the fear end.

As an Empath, you were born with these skills for a reason. Embrace the empowerment that is inherent in this gift and let me know if I can support you in any way.

Feel free to tune in on 3/31/14 at 8pm EST for a free webinar entitled, Journey of The Empath. Click here to register for this free event:

Disclaimer:   I am neither a medical professional nor a licensed mental health counselor. If you are experiencing problems with your emotions please consult a medical, mental health or holistic practitioner attuned to Intuition and energy psychology. Diagnosis by written content on the internet is inadvisable.