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I’ve been going through a breakup this month….a breakup with a 20 year old habit. As I break up with the one – replete with the on-again and off-again qualities that we’ve all experienced around breaking up with people, I’m examining other old habits as well.

It really doesn’t matter what the habit is – it can be self-judgment, a particular view of or relationship with food/alcohol/caffeine, procrastination – it does not matter what form the habit takes. It isn’t necessarily a ‘negative’ or ‘unhealthy’ habit either – this is about examination of and opening up to ways that may serve our souls more deeply and allow us to serve the world more expansively.

What I’m loving about this process is the level of examination that is taking place. None of it goes as deeply as you may imagine – which is the beauty of this.

I arrived at this place, out of the blue really, but certainly while listening to my intuition. I noticed when I went to engage with this habit, somewhere around the end of January, my desire/motivation/attitude towards this behavior felt different to me. I’m a big ‘feeler’, you see, being a strong Empath (go here for more information on being an Empath https://energyintuit.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/empathy-vs-intuitive-or-psychic-empathy/)

What I began to do then, was to treat these shifted feelings as new friends and turn them over like fall leaves deserving much attention for their vibrancy and color. Simply observe them and then move on to new feelings that came with those and do the same.

I stayed out of analysis and judgment of me, my habit, my relationship to my habit – I merely observed it all as if I was getting to know a new person whom I knew nothing about.

As I really listened and watched, I learned that the absence of this habit – or the prospect of its absence, allowed for some beautiful spaces in my life and being to allow other things to take root. To allow other emotions, other high-vibrational states of being and feeling good, room for other intuitive messages to pop through.

I read recently that if we aren’t losing friends then we aren’t growing. I would re-frame it to say that if we aren’t changing our relationships to friends, habits, the world then we aren’t growing. We aren’t meant to stay in stagnant relationship to anything or anyone – we are meant to grow and change and evolve as spirits in human bodies.

You might examine a breakup with an old way for yourself. Get quiet, tune into your intuition and see what comes up in your life as wanting attention. It may be that some of your ways are up for transformation vs. an ending. Check it out. Enjoy the process!



As a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, I get this question in many forms, often.   I start with this explanation:

I refer to spirits, the psychic realms, energy, deceased people, spirit guides, etc. as all from the unseen realms. I described this/these unseen realms as ‘Spirit’. God, Universe, Higher Self, Collective Unconscious, Subconscious can all be subbed in for this phrase, ‘Spirit’ as well. You see, I do drop them all into one category, mostly to avoid esoteric discussion and philosophizing during a client’s session since I am on the clock, more to the point that titles and labels mean a bit less to me in the process as the information that wants to come through.

I am a channel, a vessel, a conduit for information and healing energies from Spirit. While I formally trained and practiced before opening my practice, this isn’t so much ‘what I do’ as ‘what I facilitate’ from Spirit.

We all have access to the sensitivities, information, healing. It’s a matter of fine-tuning our perceptions, confidence and knowing. For some this process is simpler than for others. A certainty is that we all have to bring a huge dose of humility and a commitment to our own healing, if we are to step into healing and helping others by bringing through Spirit.

Sometimes clients will ask me, “How do you know you are speaking to Aunt Sue/my Spirit Guide/your Guide/God?” Great question and sometimes I’m given information for the client to hear and work to identify with, in terms of who is delivering the info through me – often, more often than not, I’m not given much identifying info and am required to work on faith in where and from whom/from which energy the information is coming from.

Lastly, so many people ask what are some ways to develop their own intuitive listening and knowing skills – meditation is key! Quieting the mind so that we may clear some static and deeply listen, is a crucial step. For more info meditation check out this blog post:



Many are asking me, how I distinguish between an Empath, a Healer, an Indigo and a Seer – lenses that we are getting ready to pick up and look through in a new program called Spiritual Spy Glass, launching next week. This post is the first of a series of four on the nuances of these sensitivities, these qualities at an intuitive level.

What’s the difference between being empathic on behalf of someone and being psychically empathic? The difference is one of consciously feeling what someone is going through and less consciously feeling what someone is going through. When we demonstrate empathy, say, for a friend going through a challenging time, we move ourselves into their shoes as best we can. We consciously ‘feel’ what it must feel like to be going through their situation. We empathize with how it must feel to get news of a sick relative, lose a job, etc. Here is a great article on how to cultivate more empathy of the non-intuitive type:


When we are experiencing life as an Empath, it is far more pervasive and ill-defined. The vast majority of people who are Empaths are walking around unknowingly. My hope is that this post will shed some much needed light on how it is that we feel things from others and more importantly, what we can do to lessen its ill-effects on our being and health.

I’ll refer to intuitive/psychic empathy as Empathy, from here on out. Empathy is genetic, rooted in our DNA and in our brains. It if often heightened by out-of-body (OOB) and near-death-experiences (NDEs) and it was in my case at the age of 7 when I was hit by a car. Empathy can be augmented and shut down with traumatic events whether objectively traumatic (sexual abuse, torture, etc.) or perceptively traumatic. Many people, particularly Empaths, may witness or experience something that feels very traumatic to them but not to others. A classic example: The old adage that children should be seen and not heard and children hearing and feeling this from elders.

Empathy is the spongiest of the intuitive skills as Empaths seem to absorb everyone’s feelings. There are varying degrees of this. Some people may experience it pervasively and others maybe only with certain people. Empaths vary in degrees by their levels of self-awareness and empowerment. If you experience any of the following situations/scenarios – you are empathic–you are an Empath. The beauty of this sensitivity – consider yourself as having a more complete communication package!  The benefits to becoming empowered through your Empathy is that you’ll feel more balanced in how you relate to people and with how you walk through your life.  I’ll follow up these scenarios with some critical coping skills.

  • You become tired or fatigued after being in public places – especially malls, concerts, sporting events.
  • You sense someone’s emotions, contrary to what they are expressing. This can cause great self-doubt, especially in children. Example: a teacher appears to like your child and treat him fairly. He feels the judgment and disdain from the teacher and ‘knows’ otherwise.
  • People gravitate towards opening up to you. Strangers may tell you their secrets on the subway!
  • People tell you they feel better when they are in your presence. You’ve been called nurturing, compassionate, caring, a great listener, etc.
  • You either prefer solitary time and/or identify with feeling better when you can get some time alone to recharge.
  • Violent or loud music, harsh voices, gory and violent tv and movies bother you – you avoid them.
  • You sense energies in places and with things – you may be either drawn to old objects for their energies or avoid them for the same reason, preferring new objects with no emotions attached to them.
  • You turn to food, drugs & alcohol as a way of dulling/numbing out all that you feel and sense from your over-stimulating world.
  • You experience swift mood shifts and/or have been called moody. You may have the awareness that these feelings don’t ‘feel’ like they are yours.
  • You have experienced physical symptoms of another – their stomach ache, headache, etc – empathetic/sympathetic pains.

Not only is this intuitive skill of Empathy the spongiest, it can be the weightiest and most responsibility-laden of them all. It means a lifelong process of coping and self-care. It means owning your emotions and discerning those of others – essentially a deep call to self awareness.

Suggested Coping Skills:

  • Build an awareness of your emotions. If you’ve historically bottled things up you may be harming yourself with this approach. Find a therapist who aligns with Energy Psychology concepts. (recently recognized by the APA as a credible sub-category of practice, 2012)
  • Talk things out with a therapist, counselor, confidante or trusted friend and/or find a group of like-feeling/like minded people who are interested in discussing what life is like as an Empath.
  • Give yourself breathing room. Deep breathing is a fast way to clear your head and revitalize.
  • Stop and get grounded. For grounding suggestions go here: http://wp.me/p2vm4l-6A
  • Cultivate mindfulness in your approach to life. Bring simplicity and full presence to all that you do.
  • Meditate! http://wp.me/p2vm4l-6A
  • Get out into nature, nature soothes. Remind yourself of nature’s simple beauty, our connectedness to one another and just how good it feels to put your feet on the ground or in that stream.
  • Bathe in Epsom salts or shower with the intention of releasing all that you may be feeling that is not yours and not serving You.
  • Check in with your aware self – Is what I’m feeling mine or tied to a situation in my life? If not – send it back to where it came from with love and awareness. This simple thought process can save you much grief and pain!  When we are going through personally painful situations, others’ emotions can exacerbate and exaggerate ours.  Be gentle with yourself.

One of the most important takeaways from this is that being an Empath can be complex. You may be so accustomed to feeling other peoples’ emotions that your own may feel foreign or confusing. As an Empath, it may feel much easier to sense the emotions of others and mistake them as our own. This is why becoming aware, working with a counselor skilled in intuition, taking deep responsibility for your own well-being are critical.

I’ll offer you one metaphysical coping skill too: Many times you may be advised to employ a ‘white light of protection and shielding’. This is great advice! It’s as simple as imagining yourself in an egg-shaped bubble of white, healing and protecting light. Or placing that in your mind’s eye or with positive intention around your home, your car, your family. As an Empath, we are naturally connected to the hearts of others. This is not a weakness and we can learn responsibly how to sense others’ feelings without completely shielding from it. This is why I would suggest either a pink light or a lavender light as a sensing filter. Pink light is one of love and lavender light for me is one of higher knowing. If you employ either the intention and or the visuals of these lights, as filters vs. shields, you may feel more balanced and able to stay in the love end of the fear-love spectrum vs. the fear end.

As an Empath, you were born with these skills for a reason. Embrace the empowerment that is inherent in this gift and let me know if I can support you in any way.

Feel free to tune in on 3/31/14 at 8pm EST for a free webinar entitled, Journey of The Empath. Click here to register for this free event: http://eepurl.com/QuXfL

Disclaimer:   I am neither a medical professional nor a licensed mental health counselor. If you are experiencing problems with your emotions please consult a medical, mental health or holistic practitioner attuned to Intuition and energy psychology. Diagnosis by written content on the internet is inadvisable.




Regaining Balance


This winter has held some deep calls for my family, to balance.  The Universe decided that this winter was the divine time to offer up a stone home on 8 acres, that I’ve been working on manifesting for us.  Intending for us a grounded home in nature, delivered more than I could have imagined (she winks, nods, tips proverbial hat thankfully to the Universe for that ‘more than’ delivery).  Recognizing opportunity and then seizing it were subsequent steps that felt in no way, easy.  Honestly, as much as manifesting and having all that we want in the world is ‘supposed’ to feel effortless?  I find that it often feels like work! 

Every step along the way may offer stress, it will beget more choices, we will feel resistance from ourselves in the form of fear and old stories that love to bend our ears.  Working through all of these, discerning which to dismiss and if any should be heeded–this is where our intuition comes into play.  As we choose, it becomes imperative to listen to our deep knowing—to our sage inner voice behind the fear-mongering ones that scream at us during stressful times.

Do you recall one of those fitness inventions that is a balancing ball with a platform ledge around the outside?  It looks like a rendition of the planet Saturn.  You place your feet on the platform ‘ring’ and work to stay balanced, as the ball wobbles and moves.  As you choose to lean in one direction or move an arm in another, you face the constant need to balance yourself on this contraption, engaging loads of muscles in the process.

Listening to our intuition is one way for us to regain balance when we feel wobbly in life.  As we move through life and change and growth, making decisions that aren’t always comfortable, we’ll find ourselves feeling wobbly, ungrounded and generally out of balance at times – trying to figure out which muscle to shift next.  We find that doing the things that have worked in the past, grounding through exercise, salt baths, journaling and meditating – these may no longer offer the same balancing benefits that they once did.  Listening to that intuitive voice that is telling you to go out and socialize, or to go tell a neighbor how you really feel, or to try some different foods – these options may be your new path to regaining balance.  Having the courage to make new, potentially balancing choices are key to living that elusive, fulfilled life.  Bravely listening to those inner and often higher sounding calls, to paint, stop, move, love – these are crevices where fulfilled lives gestate. 

Pausing to listen to our intuition is a great way to regain a sense of balance.  Remember that our intuition speaks to us in different voices.  Just as we grow, change and evolve, our intuitive voices grow with us.  They morph in support of who we are becoming and what we are choosing.  So if yours sound stern and grandmotherly when you are feeling nudged to meditate, be open to a quiet male voice who may guide you in new ways to play or work less.  Listening to our ever – changing voice of intuition is one way for us to regain our footing and step into more fulfillment as we negotiate the balancing ball that is our life.  Staying open to growth will help you to feel less rooted in old ways and more ready to grounding in new ways as the winds of winter change blow through your worlds.  I wish you all the best!

Messages of Love

Our Intuition — our higher selves — speak to us with messages of love.  1556457_491753797600147_1962839282_oAs I work with and guide people to and through their intuitive processes, the most constant question is – “How do I know it’s my intuition?”

That answer is many-fold, some of which I’ll cover here.

First off, it’s a faith walk.  We’re talking about the unseen realms of spirit here, the ethereal energies that sense-able but rarely detectable in many, proven fashions.

Second, if we are seeking proof we aren’t interested in truth.  Seriously.  Truth is another intangible that if you pay attention to how you discern it – we feel into truth.  This feels right.  This doesn’t feel quite right are the things that you may find yourself paying attention to as you are discerning truth around a situation, person or your intuition.

Third, confidence plays a huge role.  As I tell my students and mentees, 10% of cultivating and honoring our intuition is skills training and 90% is mindset shifting.  There are exercises – meditation, affirmations, afformations, psychic exercises, etc. that we can do to support our intuition; yet the biggest portion of our work is in our mindset.  How we we about that instant sense of knowing in situations, what judgments we express against ourselves and that others have expressed against our sensitivities, our own self-talk around whether we are ‘good enough’ to have accurate intuition, etc.

It’s a fine line dance that we do with this inner knowing and breeding the confidence that will fertilize it and questioning or dancing on the fear-based side of the line.

So I offer you this – our Intuition speaks to us lovingly!! It’s actually, the perfect way to cultivate itself as it doesn’t speak in those critical, doubtful ways that our analytical minds and emotions can at times.  If you are sensing loving nudges, playful messages on street signs and license plates, and anything feeling otherwise positive—its your intuition talking to you and through you.  If it presents as critical, negative, judgmental , fear-inducing– escort that shite to your mental door!  It is not, I repeat it is not your intuition or higher self speaking to you.

This month has been one of hibernation for me.  A constant though is my intuition speaking to me in loving ways.  What has rung through the whole month is the Love Boat theme – Love is in the Air by Tom Jones.  Yes, for real!  Remember to be gentle with yourself and do listen to the love of your spirit, your intuition, your higher selves.

I’ll leave you with two quotes from some of my favorite pacifists:

Smile, breathe, and go slowly.  -Thich Nhat Hanh

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden. – Martin Luther King Jr.

And, love is in the air!

xo Angela

Interview with Carrie Evans

One of my favorite discoveries this year has been that of Kunadalini Yoga.  More specifically it has been the expertise of Carrie Evans.  I’m so grateful that Carrie has moved her practice to the Massage Center where I too, see in-person clients.  Her choice to do so has connected me to the beauty, grace and intuitive ally that Kundalini Yoga has become for me!

Q.  What drew you to Kundalini Yoga?

A.  When I was 19, my father suddenly passed away.  Without really realizing it was happening, I was consumed with severe anxiety & depression.  At the time, my mother was practicing and teaching Kundalini yoga and she encouraged me to practice it too.  Because I have a deep respect and friendship with my mother, I listened, and I have never looked back.  Almost immediately I started feeling the effects of Kundalini and began a beautiful journey where I released my anxiety and depression solely through yoga & meditation with no drugs or psychotherapy.  It completely changed my life and continues to each time I practice it.

Q.  Kundalini Yoga is sometimes referred to as “the yoga of awareness”.  With this comes the suggestion that it focuses on the expansion of sensory awareness and intuition, in order to raise consciousness.  I’d love to hear your view of Kundalini Yoga as it relates to awareness. 

A.  Kundalini Yoga is designed specifically to raise the Kundalini energy that lives at the base of the spine.  As the Kundalini is awakened during kriyas (sets of exercises with a desired outcome), it creates a deeper inner awareness as the Kundalini travels up the spine, awakening and balancing each of the 8 chakras.  As the chakras come into balance and the Kundalini is flowing, a person feels greater well-being, and is more aware of their feelings and intuition and has a sense of a greater connection with infinite energy.

Q.  As I’ve begun practicing Kundalini Yoga with you Carrie my biggest ‘aha’ has been around the breathwork associated with the practice. My insides feel like they’ve been massaged after one of your classes!  Can you speak to its role and its importance?

A.  Ha, Ha!  Yes!  Breathwork or Pranayama is crucial to Kundalini practice.  Breath is life.  And life is energy.  Breath is a powerful lifeforce and when harnessed you can revitalize your entire body and spirit.  Thousands of years ago, yoga was primarily pranayama, mantra, and meditation.  Most of the asanas (poses) came at the turn of the century with the gymnastics movement.  The yogis used breathwork because it was a powerful tool to create union, which is the definition of yoga.  Breath brings more oxygen and blood flow to all your organs, it expands your lungs, it strengthens your diaphragm, it moves the Kundalini energy along the Ida, Pingala, and Shushumna (energy lines).  Your insides are massaged with the techniques Kundalini offers.  The breathing techniques used in my classes are designed to remove negative emotion/thought, to cleanse and detox, to relax the mind and body, to generate clarity and focus, to balance both hemisphere’s of the brain, to cool or to warm the body, to open chakras, the list is endless.  Many people don’t even realize that they spend their days holding their breath.  Learning to breathe will bring you greater energy and awareness.

Q.  How are our seven main chakras addressed with Kundalini Yoga? 

A.  As the Kundalini rises through the energy channels that lie along the spine, it activates each chakra.  In Kundalini we also honor an 8th chakra, the electromagnetic field or aura.  The kriyas that we practice also provide techniques for balancing each chakra by using certain movements, breath or sound (mantra) and often a combination of all 3.

Q.  Do you have a favorite kriya or asana?  

A.  I have so many!!  One that is dear to my heart is called “The Essence of Self”  I practiced this kriya for 40 days, when I first began practicing Kundalini yoga.  It is a heart opener and designed to allow a person to give and receive love without anger fear or resentment.  I had many profound personal changes occur from practicing this set.  I also love the morning call mantra “Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam Siri, Wahe Guru.”  It means “there is one creative creation, truth is it’s name, WOW! Indescribable wisdom!”  This mantra also blasted me into spiritual growth.  And I also love cat/cow pose because it is a “stand-alone” posture and it rejuvenates the entire spine, stimulating all 72,000 nerve endings, among many other benefits.  It will stimulate all of the chakras.  I also love it for prenatal yoga and I practiced it myself everyday for both my pregnancies.  It has the ability to flip baby if baby is breech.

Carrie is a LMT, NCTMB, Certified Yoga Teacher and Kundalini Instructor practicing in Wilmington, DE.  She offers group and private instruction for Kundalini Yoga which offer you solutions to keep your subtle energy body balanced.  She can be contacted at:  divinealignmentnewark@gmail.com

In 2010, while in Psychic Development classes in NYC, I had the privilege of being taught/guided/inspired by Constantina Rhodes.  Her teaching style is so kind and gentle, just what this developing psychic, responded favorably to!  Constantina’s deep knowledge of Eastern traditions added ballast and depth to the potentially elusive subject, of psychic development.  I wish you much enjoyment, in getting to know her here!

Q. You’ve always seemed very comfortable, teaching what some see as a heavy topic – psychic development.  Your teaching style carries a ‘lightness of being’ in it.  What or who, have been some influencers or shaping agents, of your teaching style? 

A.  I’ve been teaching a long time, and I feel that my style has evolved over the years.  A lot of the inspiration for my style actually developed as a professor at a small liberal arts college.  Faculty were encouraged to listen to the students and foster their voices.  I took that advice and built it upon my own view that students — whether in an academic or metaphysical setting — deserve to develop their own truths, their own voices. I view my students with respect and admiration of their entire being.  I like to encourage each one to his or her excellence. 


Q.  You’ve done much deep work in Eastern traditions during your career.  Is there a deity from the East that you feel strongly aligned with? 

A.  In India tradition holds that there are 330 million gods — so there’s a lot of choice!  I’ve written two books on the god Shiva and one on the goddess Lakshmi, so they have special places in my heart.  But actually I find inspiration in many of the archetypes and deities of the East as well as of other cultures.

Q.  You were such a comfort to me, as a new student to psychic development.  What advice might you offer those just getting in touch with their intuitive and psychic sides? 

A.  How nice to hear that! And for your part, you were quite open and receptive to what I was offering. You approached the classes with courage, intelligence, patience, and a wonderfully positive attitude.  All of these qualities will help a student advance and open up to their own abilities successfully. It’s always fine to question the teacher, but I find that students who approach psychic development as a process of continuous debate with the teacher will thwart their own progress. It’s best to save debate for the academic classroom. Psychic development requires a more holistic approach both on the part of the teacher and the student.

Q.  Working in psychic realms can put us in touch with, less-than-favorable energies and entities.  How do you choose to deal with these ‘lower’ energies?

A.  The Law of Attraction is a good one to keep in mind: Don’t give the less-than-favorable energies a resting place. I always begin sessions with space clearing and calling in protective energies.  However, from time to time if things slip through the cracks and if something like that manifests, I allow no interaction beyond communicating that we have nothing further to talk about. I call upon higher, positive powers to assist in escorting the culprits away. And I never engage in conversation with them.

Q.  What will you offer the world in 2013? 

A.  I’ve been showcasing my latest book, “Invoking Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth in Song and Ceremony,” by offering experiential workshops on the goddess at various yoga studios. By combining goddess materials with psychic development materials, I’ve started developing workshops on ‘intuitive development for yogis,’ with some amazing and exciting results. The classical Sanskrit texts on yoga actually address psychic development as a spontaneous result of yogic practice, so I’m simply highlighting something that’s been there all along but just not noticed or proactively developed. I plan to offer more of these (and if there are any yoga studios out there interested in my offerings, you’re welcome to contact me for further details).  I’ll also be recording a 3-CD set of meditations. If there’s time (!) I’d like to start writing another book — this time specifically on intuitive development.


Constantina Rhodes is a Certified Intuitive Counselor and Certified Teacher of Intuitive Development. By sensing the energy in a personal object and accessing spiritual guidance, Constantina offers highly accurate, clear, and compassionate responses to questions about relationships, career, finances, and other issues.

Constantina’s intuitive work is enhanced by her background as a scholar of Sanskrit and esoteric traditions of India. She holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University and is the author of several books and dozens of articles on Hindu mysticism, Kundalini Yoga, and goddess worship. Her latest book, “Invoking Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth in Song and Ceremony,” explores states of consciousness that directly contribute to living an intuitive life.

Constantina has practiced yoga and meditation for most of her life.  She spent two years living and studying in India, and she has received mantra initiation in the lineages of Transcendental Meditation, Integral Yoga, and Siddha Yoga.

Visit her website at http://www.constantinarhodes.com.



The ability to understand something, immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning….this is one definition of intuition.  A clear knowing, absent of rational thought is another.  Regardless of its definition, I’m often asked, “How can I be in better touch with this part of myself?  How can I better listen, to my intuiton?”

One great way is to be in one’s body more.  Our culture is big on us being out of touch with ourselves and tends to promote a philosophy of distraction.  Whether distraction puts you inside your head more, or takes your focus out of of your mind and body completely…it’s all a distraction away from You.  Once back into your body, if even for a few moments, you can pay attention to how it feels.  How You feel.  And your intuition :).  Anytime you call yourself back into your body, you will align yourself more, with your intuition.

Ways to be in your body — there are the obvious of walking, exercising, deep breathing.  A less obvious way is to catch yourself over-thinking something, or realize you are tired and consciously, focus on how your body feels.  Take a few deep breaths and tune-in to your body.  What part of your body calls your attention to it?  When eating, slow down your chewing and really taste your food.  Check in with your body’s fullness before taking another bite.  Be. In. Your. Body.
My intuition speaks to me, through my body.  My heart will race (and I’ve learned that it isn’t the coffee I drank 3 hours ago), a muscle will cramp, an eye will twitch.  More subtley, my arms are tired.  My digestion has slowed/sped up.  When in tune,  if I listen to these parts of my body, I’m open to what my intuition may be telling me.  I’ve gotten to the point where I rarely get a cold.  When I do, I’m literally being screamed at by my intuition to slow down, rest.  I’m being called to be in my body and care for, said temple.  When I’m struck with a headache, which is a frequent occurrence, I now stop and ask of my body, what it is that I need to know?  Surprisingly, as soon as I do this in many of the cases, my headache clears.  With it comes a knowing of what I need to pay attention to.  My intuition has alerted me to call a loved one.  Check in on a son.  Write to a friend.  More offbeat examples are which outfit to wear; being guided to a book title that leads me to a solution that I’d been struggling with; deciding to work with a client or not to work with a client, based on an intuitive hit.

I see life as a scavenger hunt at times.  Being in my body, listening to my intuition both offer me great clues! With great clues, we can move from life station to life station, with much more joy.  Isn’t that what it’s all about, afterall?

Cheers, Body Dwellers!


Daily Practice

I restarted a favorite, daily practice of mine today….starting the day with a bit of yoga and meditation.  The structure feels right and it offers me some time to breath and set an intention for the day.

One’s daily practice is very personal — some version of discipline that for some may be simply brushing one’s teeth in a mindful way, a three mile run, a moment of prayer, or washing the dishes.  Anything to cause pause and clear one’s mind, for even a moment, constitutes a daily practice.

When studying Intuition it is advised to cultivate a daily practice.  This offers a time for Spirit to meet you, to expect you from day-to-day as you learn to dance with its whispers. 

So pause, Beautiful Beings and listen for inspiration!