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As a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, I get this question in many forms, often.   I start with this explanation:

I refer to spirits, the psychic realms, energy, deceased people, spirit guides, etc. as all from the unseen realms. I described this/these unseen realms as ‘Spirit’. God, Universe, Higher Self, Collective Unconscious, Subconscious can all be subbed in for this phrase, ‘Spirit’ as well. You see, I do drop them all into one category, mostly to avoid esoteric discussion and philosophizing during a client’s session since I am on the clock, more to the point that titles and labels mean a bit less to me in the process as the information that wants to come through.

I am a channel, a vessel, a conduit for information and healing energies from Spirit. While I formally trained and practiced before opening my practice, this isn’t so much ‘what I do’ as ‘what I facilitate’ from Spirit.

We all have access to the sensitivities, information, healing. It’s a matter of fine-tuning our perceptions, confidence and knowing. For some this process is simpler than for others. A certainty is that we all have to bring a huge dose of humility and a commitment to our own healing, if we are to step into healing and helping others by bringing through Spirit.

Sometimes clients will ask me, “How do you know you are speaking to Aunt Sue/my Spirit Guide/your Guide/God?” Great question and sometimes I’m given information for the client to hear and work to identify with, in terms of who is delivering the info through me – often, more often than not, I’m not given much identifying info and am required to work on faith in where and from whom/from which energy the information is coming from.

Lastly, so many people ask what are some ways to develop their own intuitive listening and knowing skills – meditation is key! Quieting the mind so that we may clear some static and deeply listen, is a crucial step. For more info meditation check out this blog post:



Meditation is Key

As psychics we are approached by so many who are interested in cultivating and developing their psychic skills.  The number one thing, that all sources and teachers will point to initially is meditation.

Meditation is key to developing one’s psychic skills as this is the surest, most direct way to calm and quiet our minds.  Calming and quieting our minds sets us up to receive subtle whisperings and sometimes not-so-subtle whisperings from Spirit.

This ‘prescription’ of meditation isn’t meant to frustrate, quite the contrary.  If you are starting at the beginning, even five minutes a day is enough to establish a daily practice.

Establishing a daily meditation practice will serve many purposes:

·      It will ground you in calming ways

·      It will lower your stress levels

·      It has been proven to lower blood pressure

·      It will clear your mind and aid in a receptive state of mind for messages from Spirit

·      It demonstrates to the Spirit world your commitment to communicating with these unseen realms

Many people are already doing a form of meditation that they may not be crediting themselves for.  A daily walk, run or exercise regimen may be meeting these needs for you; you may be taking quiet time for yourself as you enjoy your morning routine; I’ve been known to meditate, clear my mind and set my daily intentions in the shower each day (there goes my secret!).

Most teachers will tell you that ideally you will build up to a 20 minute per day daily practice of meditation.  From this calm and clear space, psychic skills can begin to be developed.

Once this meditation practice has been cultivated, you may delight in posing questions to your quieted mind…Is taking this job a good idea?  How might I best attract a partner?  Are there better ways for me to be supporting my family members?

As you pose a question to your quieted mind, to Spirit, sit back and observe all that you may sense.

You may feel bodily sensations, emotions, hear sounds or words, or see visual answers (this is especially true for me when my eyes are closed?).  Some smell scents and experience tastes in response to their dialogue with Spirit.  Stay receptive to random feeling thoughts that cross your mind during this time.  Be open to what may come, stay calm and by all means don’t try too hard.  We all have the ability to access Spirit, our Higher Self, our Inner Guidance system.  Meditation will serve as your key to the first steps on your journey towards your Psychic Self!

In 2010, while in Psychic Development classes in NYC, I had the privilege of being taught/guided/inspired by Constantina Rhodes.  Her teaching style is so kind and gentle, just what this developing psychic, responded favorably to!  Constantina’s deep knowledge of Eastern traditions added ballast and depth to the potentially elusive subject, of psychic development.  I wish you much enjoyment, in getting to know her here!

Q. You’ve always seemed very comfortable, teaching what some see as a heavy topic – psychic development.  Your teaching style carries a ‘lightness of being’ in it.  What or who, have been some influencers or shaping agents, of your teaching style? 

A.  I’ve been teaching a long time, and I feel that my style has evolved over the years.  A lot of the inspiration for my style actually developed as a professor at a small liberal arts college.  Faculty were encouraged to listen to the students and foster their voices.  I took that advice and built it upon my own view that students — whether in an academic or metaphysical setting — deserve to develop their own truths, their own voices. I view my students with respect and admiration of their entire being.  I like to encourage each one to his or her excellence. 


Q.  You’ve done much deep work in Eastern traditions during your career.  Is there a deity from the East that you feel strongly aligned with? 

A.  In India tradition holds that there are 330 million gods — so there’s a lot of choice!  I’ve written two books on the god Shiva and one on the goddess Lakshmi, so they have special places in my heart.  But actually I find inspiration in many of the archetypes and deities of the East as well as of other cultures.

Q.  You were such a comfort to me, as a new student to psychic development.  What advice might you offer those just getting in touch with their intuitive and psychic sides? 

A.  How nice to hear that! And for your part, you were quite open and receptive to what I was offering. You approached the classes with courage, intelligence, patience, and a wonderfully positive attitude.  All of these qualities will help a student advance and open up to their own abilities successfully. It’s always fine to question the teacher, but I find that students who approach psychic development as a process of continuous debate with the teacher will thwart their own progress. It’s best to save debate for the academic classroom. Psychic development requires a more holistic approach both on the part of the teacher and the student.

Q.  Working in psychic realms can put us in touch with, less-than-favorable energies and entities.  How do you choose to deal with these ‘lower’ energies?

A.  The Law of Attraction is a good one to keep in mind: Don’t give the less-than-favorable energies a resting place. I always begin sessions with space clearing and calling in protective energies.  However, from time to time if things slip through the cracks and if something like that manifests, I allow no interaction beyond communicating that we have nothing further to talk about. I call upon higher, positive powers to assist in escorting the culprits away. And I never engage in conversation with them.

Q.  What will you offer the world in 2013? 

A.  I’ve been showcasing my latest book, “Invoking Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth in Song and Ceremony,” by offering experiential workshops on the goddess at various yoga studios. By combining goddess materials with psychic development materials, I’ve started developing workshops on ‘intuitive development for yogis,’ with some amazing and exciting results. The classical Sanskrit texts on yoga actually address psychic development as a spontaneous result of yogic practice, so I’m simply highlighting something that’s been there all along but just not noticed or proactively developed. I plan to offer more of these (and if there are any yoga studios out there interested in my offerings, you’re welcome to contact me for further details).  I’ll also be recording a 3-CD set of meditations. If there’s time (!) I’d like to start writing another book — this time specifically on intuitive development.


Constantina Rhodes is a Certified Intuitive Counselor and Certified Teacher of Intuitive Development. By sensing the energy in a personal object and accessing spiritual guidance, Constantina offers highly accurate, clear, and compassionate responses to questions about relationships, career, finances, and other issues.

Constantina’s intuitive work is enhanced by her background as a scholar of Sanskrit and esoteric traditions of India. She holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University and is the author of several books and dozens of articles on Hindu mysticism, Kundalini Yoga, and goddess worship. Her latest book, “Invoking Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth in Song and Ceremony,” explores states of consciousness that directly contribute to living an intuitive life.

Constantina has practiced yoga and meditation for most of her life.  She spent two years living and studying in India, and she has received mantra initiation in the lineages of Transcendental Meditation, Integral Yoga, and Siddha Yoga.

Visit her website at http://www.constantinarhodes.com.


Lineage Slivers

In the midst of an uber-busy time, I was gifted with a lovely dream sliver this morning.  I was approached by two clients who were questioning where I was from…No, they said, not ‘Minnesota, by way of California, originating in Seattle.  Your roots, where are they?’  Me, “England and Lithuania.”  Them, Hm…we didn’t know there were many psychics from those areas….but there must be as your lineage is obviously deep!”

At the end of an abundantly full week, I am honored with this sweet sliver that compliments me and gets me pondering lineage.  How often do we remember how deeply we’re connected?  Through possibly hundreds of generations within our human family and thousands in our Spirit lineage….our Ancestors are endless.  Our ancestral aspects, even more so.  Phew!  Humbling, isn’t it?  It serves as a bit of a dream-rubber band for me, snapping me back from the edge of Me.  My life.  Self.  Snaps me back to the We. The Fam.  The Tribe.  Gives new meaning to the Web.

Happy days, Weavers!