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As a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, I get this question in many forms, often.   I start with this explanation:

I refer to spirits, the psychic realms, energy, deceased people, spirit guides, etc. as all from the unseen realms. I described this/these unseen realms as ‘Spirit’. God, Universe, Higher Self, Collective Unconscious, Subconscious can all be subbed in for this phrase, ‘Spirit’ as well. You see, I do drop them all into one category, mostly to avoid esoteric discussion and philosophizing during a client’s session since I am on the clock, more to the point that titles and labels mean a bit less to me in the process as the information that wants to come through.

I am a channel, a vessel, a conduit for information and healing energies from Spirit. While I formally trained and practiced before opening my practice, this isn’t so much ‘what I do’ as ‘what I facilitate’ from Spirit.

We all have access to the sensitivities, information, healing. It’s a matter of fine-tuning our perceptions, confidence and knowing. For some this process is simpler than for others. A certainty is that we all have to bring a huge dose of humility and a commitment to our own healing, if we are to step into healing and helping others by bringing through Spirit.

Sometimes clients will ask me, “How do you know you are speaking to Aunt Sue/my Spirit Guide/your Guide/God?” Great question and sometimes I’m given information for the client to hear and work to identify with, in terms of who is delivering the info through me – often, more often than not, I’m not given much identifying info and am required to work on faith in where and from whom/from which energy the information is coming from.

Lastly, so many people ask what are some ways to develop their own intuitive listening and knowing skills – meditation is key! Quieting the mind so that we may clear some static and deeply listen, is a crucial step. For more info meditation check out this blog post:



Getting Unstuck


Everything is energy.  We know now that what appears solid, isn’t.  It’s merely more dense, slower moving atoms.

How often do you feel stuck in life?  Do you find yourself with impatience around elements of your life and relationships? One of the best antidotes for feeling stuck, sluggish and impatient is to move energy.  This is a great, proactive tool to create movement and step into the flow of life as well.  We can move energy within our bodies through exercise, pranayama (breath work), qi gong and meditation.  Externally, we can clean a closet, rearrange furniture, hang a different picture on the wall or feng shui a space in our lives.  Gardeners know this first hand with moving earth and planting new life.  So many enjoy that churn of energy in the soil.

When we clean out a closet for instance and discard/donate/recycle items that are no longer with purpose for us, we create space for new experiences as well as new stuff and its energy.

Often that feeling of stuckness, stagnancy is mirrored in our living space.  When was the last time you vacuumed under the couch?  Went through those boxes in your attic that have lived there for years?  I’m here to tell you people, no memory is too painful and no thing is too valuable for you to revisit its energy and its purpose in your life.

Do you ever walk through a place that feels warm and inviting?  How about sitting near a statue that feels cold and repellant?  So many people report kids and pets that prefer certain rooms in a house and/or avoid certain rooms – especially at night.  Adults feel it too and we tend to rationalize about this.  Is it a case of repellant spirits and energies in that room?  These spaces can be transformed by removing a piece of furniture, clearing out some of the belongings or rearranging them.  Psychometry is the art of divining energetic/psychic information from objects.  I challenge you to try this with the spaces, places and things in your home.

I challenge you to be with your space and your things in your life, in this fashion.  Sit with your stuff and be in your furniture and tune in to how you feel with it.  This will give you the energy signature of each space and piece.  From here you can feel and decide what to move, discard, clear or replace. Being in this action of moving energy will support your feeling less stuck or stagnant.  Close the loop on this process by sitting with the freshly cleared area and imagining white light filling the area.  Picture fresh air flowing through it and love settling in.  It really can be this simple. xo

Messages of Love

Our Intuition — our higher selves — speak to us with messages of love.  1556457_491753797600147_1962839282_oAs I work with and guide people to and through their intuitive processes, the most constant question is – “How do I know it’s my intuition?”

That answer is many-fold, some of which I’ll cover here.

First off, it’s a faith walk.  We’re talking about the unseen realms of spirit here, the ethereal energies that sense-able but rarely detectable in many, proven fashions.

Second, if we are seeking proof we aren’t interested in truth.  Seriously.  Truth is another intangible that if you pay attention to how you discern it – we feel into truth.  This feels right.  This doesn’t feel quite right are the things that you may find yourself paying attention to as you are discerning truth around a situation, person or your intuition.

Third, confidence plays a huge role.  As I tell my students and mentees, 10% of cultivating and honoring our intuition is skills training and 90% is mindset shifting.  There are exercises – meditation, affirmations, afformations, psychic exercises, etc. that we can do to support our intuition; yet the biggest portion of our work is in our mindset.  How we we about that instant sense of knowing in situations, what judgments we express against ourselves and that others have expressed against our sensitivities, our own self-talk around whether we are ‘good enough’ to have accurate intuition, etc.

It’s a fine line dance that we do with this inner knowing and breeding the confidence that will fertilize it and questioning or dancing on the fear-based side of the line.

So I offer you this – our Intuition speaks to us lovingly!! It’s actually, the perfect way to cultivate itself as it doesn’t speak in those critical, doubtful ways that our analytical minds and emotions can at times.  If you are sensing loving nudges, playful messages on street signs and license plates, and anything feeling otherwise positive—its your intuition talking to you and through you.  If it presents as critical, negative, judgmental , fear-inducing– escort that shite to your mental door!  It is not, I repeat it is not your intuition or higher self speaking to you.

This month has been one of hibernation for me.  A constant though is my intuition speaking to me in loving ways.  What has rung through the whole month is the Love Boat theme – Love is in the Air by Tom Jones.  Yes, for real!  Remember to be gentle with yourself and do listen to the love of your spirit, your intuition, your higher selves.

I’ll leave you with two quotes from some of my favorite pacifists:

Smile, breathe, and go slowly.  -Thich Nhat Hanh

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden. – Martin Luther King Jr.

And, love is in the air!

xo Angela

For the Love of…


I’ve always been taken with the phrase, “For the love of God!” often followed by a frustrated or hyperbolic statement.  I’ve found it funny, frankly.  Maybe due to mostly hearing it in a joking context.  I wasn’t raised religiously.  Sure, there was religion in fits and starts in our household, particularly around the major Christian holidays.  There was always spirituality in some expression – words, being & music mostly.  But Jesus Love?  Bible verse recitations and regular prayer?  No.

 Intellectually I knew what people were alluding to in speaking of God’s love.  I’d experienced the Holy Spirit in slinters, particularly when I visited holy places.  Even more so as I walked through nature or swam in oceans.  I could imagine as I watched evangelical types on tv, writhing with the love of Jesus what that must feel like.  I tended though to connect more with the desire to experience it–in each person that it appeared to be touching.  I wanted to know what it felt like to each person, not just me, to experience that love of Spirit.  Not surprising then, that I now enjoy my life’s work as a psychic, medium and energy healer.  Daily I commune with Spirit and move energy through me, move Spirit through me, as a channel for the healing of others.

 As a Spirited professional I’ve experienced many, objectively cool and powerful moments involving many of the players in world religions.  I’m blessed to be in right relations with me and my purpose.  I’ve always viewed myself as a denizen of all religions and belonging to none.  Imagine my surprise when, beginning 12 days before Christmas, a new relationship with Jesus began for me.

Some chaos upended our family 12 days before Christmas.  No one is hurt, that much I’ll say.  What this set in motion though, has been profound for me. I witnessed in another, the power of forgiveness and compassion with a depth of love that was palpable. Profoundly so.  Heart-openingly so.  What occurred in me in that moment and for many days to follow was an experience of and a communing with Jesus.  As I witnessed this level of forgiveness I felt him.  The son of God, as the story goes. I saw him and felt his love.  I prayed at night and was blessed with his presence, in full apparition, in my bedroom.  I faced some tough choices throughout the week and was guided by his love and enduring presence.  As I strengthened, his presence dissipated.  Not for ego dominating over Spirit – but for less need of bolstering by this regular man who also happened to be a holy man.  This is where it got hard.  Going from feeling the heart-cracking open type of love – to a dimmer light.  I began to chat with Christian friends.  Have you felt Jesus?  How was the experience for you?  Have you experienced him showing up to pull you through and then moving along when you are standing strongly?  What I’ve found in these 12 days leading up to Christmas, through discussion and prayer, is that many people feel this love of Jesus on faith.  Many go through their lives not necessarily seeing and feeling him as I did.  They know and have faith in his healing power and depth-of-love…and that for them is enough.  It seems I have experienced the fireworks version of Jesus’ love and for this I am grateful.

It’s brought new meaning to this season for me.  I’m grateful for a new knowing, of Love and Light.  It won’t send me rushing into religion – I still choose to surf the goodness and lessons of all of them and dismiss the dogma.  It will shift my knowing and stretch my compassion in loving ways.  It strengthens my belief in all that is unseen and propels me deeper into my love of Spirit.  It broadens my peace.

I wish you all deep peace, a knowing love and a bright light within you, during this season of holy days.

This question popped across my social media feed today and caused pause in me. What better checking question? I mean, to ask myself, “Self, are you acting in and being in ways that when you encounter you, you enjoy you?”

Don’t get me wrong, I am much more me in the past few months than I’ve ever been. I feel like Angela has come out of the closet! I get to be and feel me, in all that I do, regardless of what the rest of the world may think. The beauty of being a soul-centered entrepreneur means embracing the responsibility, privilege and duty to align with me and what turns me on. Then sharing it with the world. Living what lights me up. Participating in what exhausts me in joyful ways like a day of hiking, kayaking or skiing may send me to bed as tired as a toddler! I’m thrilled that what turns me on, also serves others – me being in service as a channel for Spirit, my guidance to those seeking guidance and gentle teaching from me, its this beautifully synergistic relationship with Clients & the world around me that feeds me.

So I’m good on the life purpose bit, with regard to liking me if I met, me. On personality & personal habits – I do consider this. I’m a firm believer in being whom I want to attract into my world – with regard to friends, lovers, colleagues and the like. It’s less about: if my prospective partner had an unsavory habit, would I accept & love him? It’s more of: Can and do I wholly love me, unsavory bits and all?

You see if I can wholly love me, warts, personality quirks and all, I’ll attract people who too, know how to love themselves in their entirety. People who know how to be gentle with themselves as opposed to violently cursing their foibles (or some less dramatic version of self-deprecation). As I love me and date me, in ways that affirm my awesomeness, my amazingly creative and fun personality, that recognize that my mercurial mind can be a tad critical at times, I’m not only setting myself up to attract soul-centered people into my life but I’m demonstrating my value of a soul-centered life. I’m choosing to show the world that showing up enthusiastically for me, as me, with a few wrinkles and possibly having finished breakfast on the ride over are more than acceptable. I’d have to say, I like me when I’m being me, not just when I meet me.

And you, m’Loves…would you like you if you met you?

Meditation is Key

As psychics we are approached by so many who are interested in cultivating and developing their psychic skills.  The number one thing, that all sources and teachers will point to initially is meditation.

Meditation is key to developing one’s psychic skills as this is the surest, most direct way to calm and quiet our minds.  Calming and quieting our minds sets us up to receive subtle whisperings and sometimes not-so-subtle whisperings from Spirit.

This ‘prescription’ of meditation isn’t meant to frustrate, quite the contrary.  If you are starting at the beginning, even five minutes a day is enough to establish a daily practice.

Establishing a daily meditation practice will serve many purposes:

·      It will ground you in calming ways

·      It will lower your stress levels

·      It has been proven to lower blood pressure

·      It will clear your mind and aid in a receptive state of mind for messages from Spirit

·      It demonstrates to the Spirit world your commitment to communicating with these unseen realms

Many people are already doing a form of meditation that they may not be crediting themselves for.  A daily walk, run or exercise regimen may be meeting these needs for you; you may be taking quiet time for yourself as you enjoy your morning routine; I’ve been known to meditate, clear my mind and set my daily intentions in the shower each day (there goes my secret!).

Most teachers will tell you that ideally you will build up to a 20 minute per day daily practice of meditation.  From this calm and clear space, psychic skills can begin to be developed.

Once this meditation practice has been cultivated, you may delight in posing questions to your quieted mind…Is taking this job a good idea?  How might I best attract a partner?  Are there better ways for me to be supporting my family members?

As you pose a question to your quieted mind, to Spirit, sit back and observe all that you may sense.

You may feel bodily sensations, emotions, hear sounds or words, or see visual answers (this is especially true for me when my eyes are closed?).  Some smell scents and experience tastes in response to their dialogue with Spirit.  Stay receptive to random feeling thoughts that cross your mind during this time.  Be open to what may come, stay calm and by all means don’t try too hard.  We all have the ability to access Spirit, our Higher Self, our Inner Guidance system.  Meditation will serve as your key to the first steps on your journey towards your Psychic Self!

Interview with The Medicine Woman

I crossed paths with Terri Pippin 9 years ago.  What began as a practitioner/client relationship has evolved into teacher/student and a colleague relationship.  Terri’s work and deep insights have facilitated many, “ah-ha” moments for me.  Thanks be to The Medicine Woman!


What is one of your earliest experiences, of a brush with Spirit?

Set aside the knowledge as a young child that my beliefs were different from others in my family.  About 7 years before I took my massage class, I had gone to Charlotte, NC to visit a friend.  We were in a holistic bookstore and laying on top of a case was a crystal wand.  I picked it up and my hand and arm vibrated for almost 2 days.  I held it no more than 15 seconds before putting it down because of the vibration I was receiving.  I had taken a crystal meditation class 3 years earlier and had not made any connection with crystals.  As I got into my healing field I realized that spirit had touched me quite strongly that day.

Your story moves from body work, into Shamanism and now expands into Energy Healing.  Can you tell us how Spirit has influenced this path for you?

Actually my story moves from body work, into energy healing and then Shamanism.  I took my first Reiki class the second year I was in the Massage field.  I had attended some seminars for energy healing, and found it quite interesting.  I had actually developed my Chakra Balance Technique before my Shamanism class.  I wanted to find an advanced level of energy healing course and began searching for it.  When I would go online and search different sites, Shamanism would keep coming up.  To be honest, I went to the book store and got a book on it to see what it was.  It held my interest and I found a class.  My first day in class I felt so ‘at home’ that I got right on the path of the Shaman and haven’t gotten off since.  The interesting thing was, once I started my Shaman walk my energy work, my intuitive work, the holistic healing side of me and my connection to Spirit, healers and guides took off and became very strong. My hands starting channeling healing like that day in North Carolina in the bookstore with the Crystal Wand.  Spirit influenced my path by forcing me to look into something that I would have never thought of doing.  Spirit still does.


Would you be willing to share with us, both a greatest joy from your Spirit work and a frustration/challenge?

The greatest joy was seeing the change in my son and close friends as I personally changed while doing this Spirit work.  When you walk onto the path of the healer the first person to get healed is you.  Spirit makes sure you stay humble while this is happening, many obstacles and lessons were (and still are) thrown your way; it is not easy and it takes courage but it must be done if Spirit will allow you to heal.  Most Frustrating challenge – that’s easy, Me.  It took awhile for me to let go and let Spirit guide me where I was meant to go and do what I was meant to do.  I have always had the ability to get clients but each time I would see success the economy or some outside influence would seem to defeat me. About 10 years ago I got tired of that dance and decided to leave the Holistic field and go back to Corporate America.  No one would hire me!!!  In frustration and desperation I journeyed to have a serious talk with my healers, guides, power animal and any other influence that wanted to show up.  I was ready to set them all straight.  I was one pissed off Shaman.  I was informed in a very direct yet very kind way, that I had chosen my direction but it was now time to step aside and let Spirit take over.  I was told to just ask for what was needed and then to trust that it is coming my way.  Stop trying to direct everything.  As they were leaving me, I was also told to ‘lighten up’ and stop making things so hard.  Not everything is a challenge.  I was very shocked because I had really thought when I threatened to leave they would give me some kind of magic word or increase the healing in my hands.  Instead they told me to more or less get over myself.  Because I was desperate I took their advice.  Immediately, my business/work changed.  It didn’t matter how the economy was going, I continued and still do continue, to grow and flourish.  I accepted my lessons that they threw my way because they did make me stronger.  To this day when someone calls or comes in to book an appointment, to attend a class or even to ask a question I immediately thank Spirit.  The words are always verbal and the feeling is always thru the heart.   I guess they did give me a magic word that day and it was ‘trust’.

What words of wisdom would you share, with someone just stepping into Spirit work?

Stick with it, develop early on the connection you have with Spirit.  Let Spirit guide you.  Know that any obstacles you have to go through are for a lesson and additional strength.  Don’t quit.  If you have a desire to do healing you also have the abilities to do healing.  Find your teachers (and they will be many) and learn.  Each and  every time you learn something, do something or create something always thank Spirit – from the heart.

What will you offer the world, in 2013?

This is the year of teaching.  Spirit has given me the opportunity to grow, learn and develop some good healing techniques.  I have used them for 15 years.  This year I will be teaching Shamanic Core Classes as well as The Theory and Technique of Chakra Balancing.  I will also have Workshops and Shamanic Healing Circles for people to learn how to do self healing on themselves.  This year I step into the world of the Teacher.  My guides, healers, Spirit Animals and the Creator have taught me well.  It is now time to share my knowledge.  For this I feel very honored.  



Terri Pippin, founder of The Medicine Woman, started her spiritual journey of healing twenty-five years ago when she was first introduced to meditation.  She has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 1996.  Her journey has included the development of Reiki skills, culminating in the achievements of the Master Reiki Level in 2007 and the development of several energy healing techniques.  The Medicine Woman is trained in both Celtic and Native American Shamanism and has been a shamanic healer since 1998.  Terri can be found at:  http://www.terripippinthemedicinewoman.com